Study Reveals the Most Common Types of Scams in Ohio

Ohio recorded $154.1 million lost to fraud in 2023, according to 61,303 reports made to the Federal Trade Commission. The most common scam category was...

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100th Celebration of the Mills Trophy Race

The Toledo Yacht Club and Storm Trysail Club are hosting this year's annual Mills Trophy Race on June 7. However, this is not just...

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Health Notes June/July 2024

Uptown Green Adds Exercise Equipment The City of Toledo Parks and Youth Services Department is partnering with the Lucas County Health Department to add exercise equipment to Uptown Green. Items like an upright...

The Local Brand Blueprint

The way a company creates their brand can make or break the business. The logo, imagery and slogan can all impact how customers perceive a business and how memorable the business is...

Past Articles

Historians Revisit Forest Cemetery

Two local historians/authors are showing their appreciation for one of the oldest cemeteries in Toledo with the newly released book, Toledo’s Forest Cemetery. The cemetery, founded in 1840, has some of Toledo’s...

Kiwanis Club

We’ve been told that America is “graying,” and that is starting to affect volunteer organizations as younger folks aren’t stepping in to pick up the slack causing many service organizations to fold. But that is not the case with Kiwanis International.

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Dermatology Associates Hosting Free Skin Cancer Screenings

As the weather warms up, people will be spending more time outdoors. Although there are many benefits to sun exposure, it is important to understand and be aware of the risks.  According to...

Sudoku April/May 2024


Crossword Puzzle April/May 2024

PLUS FOURS By Brendan Emmett Quigley   Across 1. Strip in a sammie 6. Preceded 11. With 52-Across, mic check phrase 14. Rub the wrong way 15. Broadway star Menzel 16. Member of a skulk 17. What one does for ice cream,...

Senior Centers Inc.: Navigate the Challenges of Growing Older

There are many challenges that come with getting older, not only physical difficulties, but also mental and emotional hurdles as well. Senior Centers Inc., located in East Toledo at 2308 Jefferson Ave.,...

How to Find a Mental Health Care Provider You Trust

More than 100 million Americans will experience serious problems in relationships, become depressed or develop anxiety at some point in their lives, reveals Larry E. Beautler, Bruce Bongar, and Joel N. Shurkin...

Toledo’s Stroke Life Center: Help For Survivors and Caregivers

Cindy Roshon and Sue Rindskopf are champions for stroke survivors, educating and advocating while sharing the stories of their own stroke recovery journeys. In fact, that’s how they met. “We were speaking to...

Explore Toledo With Holy Toledo History Self-Guided Tours

Want to explore and learn more about The Greater Toledo Area history but have no clue where to start? See Toledo like you never have before. Holy Toledo History will guide you...

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