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Mature Living provides engaging, informative content every month for readers ages 55 and older, including music, food and theater events, film listings, and housing information. Every month, readers are kept up-to-date on local happenings and health trends, enhancing their living experience in the Toledo region. Here are a few of our partners who have benefited from advertising with MLiving!

Publisher / Editor in Chief

Collette Jacobs
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Co-publisher / Chief Financial 

Mark Jacobs
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Robin Armstrong
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Editorial Assistant  
Riley Runnells 
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Sales Team

Account Executive 
Jen Leach 
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Account Executive 
Gabrielle Huff 
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Sales Administrator: 
Libby Cassidy 
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Account Executive 
Bonnie Hunter 
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Account Executive 
Amy Bjarke 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 310
Account Executive 
Destiny Rosemond 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 320

Art & Production

Production Manager
Imani Lateef
Office: (419) 244-9859 ext.302
Senior Designer 
Leah Foley
Office: (419) 244-9859 ext. 307

Digital Media

Digital Media Manager
Nathaniel Light 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 311
Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist 
Margot Jacobs
Office:(419) 244-9859
Digital Specialist 
John Borell III
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 309