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~ A message from our partners ~ Ryan Pharmacy has served as Toledo’s full service pharmacy and orthopedic supply since 1959. Founded by Gerald G. Ryan...

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Essential Balance Activities to Stay Steady as You Age

Life is full of obstacles, and often the path can be narrow. Whatever challenges life may place in our way, keeping our center of gravity allows us to avoid incidents that could...

Falls Can Have Severe Health Ramifications for Older Adults

Know the risks, how to prevent a fall and be prepared in case it happens to you.

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In Overdrive

David Bierman returns to rock

Ed Heintschel featured on Coach Replay Show

Legendary high school coach Ed Heintschel is on a new mission to improve student outcomes. The retired St. John’s Jesuit coach is taking what he learned from his 40-years on the basketball...

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Witness to History: D-Day’s 70th Anniversary Memories

Frank Kocinski has had five hip replacements and hopes to have both knees replaced, but his aching joints haven’t slowed him down much. The 91-year-old retired millwright and World War II hero,...

All ages can enjoy ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

This impressive animated action film features several returning characters plus several key additions. Young Viking Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, and his dragon friend Toothless lead the good fight against a new...

Learning Opportunities While On Vacation

Travelers can experience amazing learning opportunities on vacation, especially when they take time to prepare and are willing to expand their original plans. Web searches can be very helpful in researching the...

Can your marriage survive retirement?

Life-long marriage always has its difficulties, and retirement is no exception...

The Benefit of Chocolate

Sweet treat can be good for your health The cacao tree, from which cacao beans come, is grown in the tropics. It produces fruit, or pods, that are more than a foot...

Are vitamins necessary?

Supplements can fill holes in modern diets Vitamins and dietary supplements are a $30 billion industry and about 50 percent of all adults consume at least one supplement daily, according to numerous...

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