Gluten-free Focaccia


Recently, my grand nieces and I spent a wonderful day in my kitchen.  We made gluten-free foods to serve ourselves and their mother and grandmother for lunch.  We had so much fun learning news things and just being together.

We made Focaccia and Angel Food cake. Today I will share the focaccia recipe with you.  It was very, very good which surprised all of us because the batter did not taste good.  As one niece said, some magic happened in the oven!! The girls had fun picking herbs and cherry tomatoes from my garden to decorate the focaccia, which was also fun.

We topped the focaccia with a relish made of homegrown tomatoes, scallions, cucumber, fresh  basil, salt, pepper,olive oil and red wine vinegar.  We planned on also adding mozzarella cheese, but we forgot!  It would have been good but was not missed.

It was a great day of enjoying and sharing with my nieces.  Maybe you have someone you would like to make focaccia with?

Here is the recipe we used: