Study Reveals the Most Common Types of Scams in Ohio

Ohio recorded $154.1 million lost to fraud in 2023, according to 61,303 reports made to the Federal Trade Commission. The most common scam category was...

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Senior Centers Inc. Celebrating 50 Years of Service with 1970s Party

Senior Centers Inc. is celebrating 50 years of service to the community by throwing it back to the organization's founding decade with hosting a...

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Getting Your Affairs In Order is Back for Series III

Navigating the intricate system of personal affairs can be daunting for many Toledoans. To help get community members started, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library is hosting another Getting Your Affairs in...

Health Notes June/July 2024

Uptown Green Adds Exercise Equipment The City of Toledo Parks and Youth Services Department is partnering with the Lucas County Health Department to add exercise equipment to Uptown Green. Items like an upright...

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Essential Balance Activities to Stay Steady as You Age

Life is full of obstacles, and often the path can be narrow. Whatever challenges life may place in our way, keeping our center of gravity allows us to avoid incidents that could...

Off Broadway Dance Company

The lights in the theater slowly fade while the audience hushes in anticipation. They can hear the gentle clacks of tap shoes filling the stage. Up go the lights. But this stage...

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Q&A WITH Tom Cole

BY PAT NOWAK Tom Cole, has worked with BCSN since 2004, hosting the channel’s inaugural broadcast. He provides commentary for BCSN and BGSU sports broadcasts, and has been a host of BCSN programs...

Spring Clean-Up

It’s that time of year...tulips are beginning to sprout and the sun is shining more. When the days become longer it is time to take a look around your surroundings and see what things...

Union Proud

by Chris Watson The term “Union” stirs deep and often divisive emotions. For some, labor unions represent the standard for upholding working conditions to avoid those that are dangerous and inhuman. For others...

Grandparents Can Get Help for Loved Ones

“Heroin Steals Their Future, There is Help Campaign”

Olive Oil: A New Rush for Gold

North America’s relationship with olives began in the late 1700’s, however, it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that farmers developed an interest in the olive as a cash crop.

Q&A with Debby Peters

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