Get to Know your Library


It seems to me that the Toledo-Lucas Library has really ramped up its game since Covid. There are so many options for in-person and on-line visitors.  Libraries aren’t just about books any more.

If you visit the Main or any branch library, you will find all kinds of information readily available and learn about the many services offered.  If an in-person visit is not an option, go to and start looking around.

Of course, you can borrow books.  And for some, if the drive up window won’t work for you, your selections will be delivered.  Or rather than wait, you can use one of many free services to download your selection in print or often in audible form.

Too difficult to make a selection?  Check out the weekly staff picks for inspiration or request a book bundle curated for you.  There is also Dial-A-Story which reads a story to you over your phone.

Our libraries offer all kinds of cooking, food and gardening programs, book groups and so much more.

Services you may not think of the library for include covid tests, voting information, printers, faxing and computer access and assistance.

The quiet, open spaces of our libraries are comforting and completely accessible.  I enjoy spending a few hours a month at our branch library, hunting around for magazines, newspapers, books and events.  Most often, we leave satisfied and with a pile of books.

Visit your local library, you will be glad you did.