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It’s that time again! Every year, Mature Living Magazine rounds up a list of Toledo’s favorite people and establishments, created by you, our readers. So let your voice be heard and show support for your favorite local restaurants, stores and professionals by voting now! Fill out the ballot below, you can vote once daily through May 31!

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Father Stu

Here is a beautiful film about redemption with a sincere message about how none of us are un-savable, no matter what we’ve done in...

Movie Review “The Lost City” 4/5 Stars

The latest rom-com action-adventure, “The Lost City,” is one of the funniest romcoms you’ll see in theaters this year! Full of fun treasure hunting,...

“The Batman” soars in grounded adaptation

Matt Reeves' "The Batman" at its core is a visceral detective story, a hard-hitting noir, and it feels like you're watching David Finchers' "Se7en.”...

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New Guidelines from the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society has released its 2022 Nutrition and Physical Activity Guideline for Cancer Survivors report. Released in the ACS CA Journal: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, the report details the...

Don’t Die of Doubt

Don’t Die of Doubt The American Heart Association and ProMedica are taking action to raise public awareness of heart attack and stroke symptoms through a campaign called “Don’t Die of Doubt” . The campaign...

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Editor’s Note – July 2021

Hugs.  I can’t give or receive enough of them!  Long, rub-your-back hugs.  It feels so good to touch and hug people outside of my small quarantine group. I’ve hugged family, friends and...

Breaking new ground

A groundbreaking ceremony was held June 25 for the Elizabeth Scott Community’s new Skilled Rehabilitation Center, a 12,288-square-foot facility on its Springfield Township campus. The new center is expected to open by...

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The Benefit of Chocolate

Sweet treat can be good for your health The cacao tree, from which cacao beans come, is grown in the tropics. It produces fruit, or pods, that are more than a foot...

Are vitamins necessary?

Supplements can fill holes in modern diets Vitamins and dietary supplements are a $30 billion industry and about 50 percent of all adults consume at least one supplement daily, according to numerous...

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The Great Migration

2022 Update. The Biggest Week in American Birding is May 6-15, 2022.  Prior registration is strongly suggested and for some events, necessary.  Proof of...

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Give Us A Few Minutes so we can Give You a Better Magazine! We aim to please and want to know what you think...

Mother’s Day Gifts

Many of us do double duty on Mother’s Day - we are both mothers and children.  We both give and receive on Mother’s Day—...

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From the family farm to community advocacy

The Toledo GROWs is an organization which facilitates the operation of 125 community gardens throughout the city.

Saba’s Dockside Bistro: Dining for landlubbers

by Jeff Glick The Toledo Yacht Club on Summit Street in North Toledo is closer than it may seem. Our dinner group was concerned that...

Looking back with Broadcaster Gordon Ward

For over six decades, Toledo audiences have known the name and the voice of Gordon Ward.

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