Fit and Healthy: Stretching



After a day of gardening, or standing in the kitchen preparing a meal, or running errands, we might feel tight and uncomfortable. Stretching can be helpful at these times.

If you do not know helpful stretches, here are a few suggestions.

Youtube is filled with easy to follow videos showing good stretches for different body parts.  All you have to do is go to and then search for exactly what you are looking for. 

For example:

Stretching neck and shoulders

Full body stretching for seniors

Stretching for low back 


After a couple of tries, you will find videos you like and that help take away your tightness.

Stretching by Bob Anderson is a great book showing and explaining hundreds of stretches. The book is in its 40th year, which says something about its validity. Stretching is available at bookstores and

Yoga is all about stretching so you may want to partake in yoga. Like everything else, you can find instructional yoga online.  Yoga classes are also available at local YMCA’s, gyms and yoga salons.