Fish – Perfect Every Time


For company, when I don’t want to miss out on the conversation, I like to cook foods that I can count on to come out just right without me hovering over the stove.  I also like to serve fish.

This recipe always turns out perfectly and allows me 15 minutes of hand’s off time just before serving.  If the table is already set, side dishes prepared and served at room temperature or cold, this 15 minutes can be used to refresh drinks, issue the come-to-the-table call and enjoy my friends.

I start with 2 pounds of fish fillets – grouper, snapper, whitefish or something along these lines.  Often, I use previously frozen fish. Clean the fish and lightly add salt and pepper.

In a covered pan, large enough for all the fish, saute 1 C. sliced onions and 2 TBSP minced garlic in ¼-½  olive oil .  Once the onions are beginning to soften, at about 2 minutes, add 2 peeled, chopped tomatoes, 1 TBSP Oregano, and salt and pepper  Saute about 5 minutes. Then add fish, moving the sauce over and around the fillets. Pour 1 C. dry, white wine into the pan, add a few calamata onions and cover.  Cook over medium to medium-low for 15 minutes.  Shake the pan every so often.

I always serve this topped with feta.

(The onion, tomato mixture can be made in advance, warm it up before adding fish.)

This recipe has been enjoyed by everyone I have served it to and it has never been under or over cooked.  There is no “fishy taste. We make it just for ourselves, without company, as well!

The recipe came from a Krinos Gourmet Cookbook my mother ordered for me from a “free offer” label on a bottle of Krinos olives.  This happened probably 30 years ago and to this day, this is my favorite Greek cookbook!!  From their website, it does not appear as if the cookbook is still offered but there are many recipes on the site.

Enjoy this simple and delicious recipe.