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Dentist Profiles

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION  Procedures are limitless Dentistry used to be so simple. Teeth in and teeth out. Now the sky’s the limit in preventative measures, whitening and making sure your teeth last for years. Here are some dentists who are certainly producing great smiles. Jon Frankel, DDS Owner of Frankel Dentistry Toledo: 5012 Talmadge Rd.,

Look Good: Feel Good

When you feel good your body reflects it. Your hair and skin glow, your energy soars and your mental health is stable. What is not to love about that. Our experts here give us some insight about what they do to stay healthy. Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic Center 3454 Oak Alley Ct. #100. 419-535-9600. Wellness4toledo.com

Fall Fashion 2017

The advent of fall comes with the question – what will I be wearing this fall and winter? This year’s fashion trends are a hodge-podge of diversity in silhouette and style— romanticism and structure with a little far out galaxy for those who dare to be different. Accessories: Bags will feature statement straps. Micro bags and oversized bags along

Advice for your pet

Welcome to the first edition of In the Lick of Time. I am Dr Bob Esplin of SylvaniaVET. a lifelong resident of Sylvania. I have provided a wide range of pet care since 1978. I intend to bring readers timely pet care information and answer your questions. Send your pet questions to drbob@sylvaniavet.com. Heartworm Prevention This

What is the right pet for me?

How much is that doggie, cat or guinea pig in the window? You know the ones with the waggly tails? The good news is that doggie, cat or other pet may be worth its price in gold. “The key to having a pet is to select the right pet for the family circumstance… pets are