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Pet Guide: Tips to Keep Tails Wagging

People often fight like dogs and cats, but at least everyone can all agree on one thing— animals bring us joy. Want to make your pets as happy as they make you? We asked local animal lovers and experts about how to best strengthen the bonds we have with our pets.

A Walk in the Park


Full Service Dog Care
1920 Indian Wood Cir., Maumee. 419-475-4101. awalkintheparkoftoledo.com
6am-9pm, daily. Extended daycare hours available.

We love our pets, but we can’t always be with them. When life gets in the way, how do you give your dog the attention it deserves? Since 2016, local Dirk Broersma he has been helping Toledo-area pet owners answer this question as the owner of A Walk in the Park Doggy Daycare, a full service business that offers dog and puppy training, grooming, transportation, daycare and boarding/overnight stays. Boasting a 9,200-square feet facility, with 1,500-square foot fenced outdoor play yard, dogs have plenty of space to run, play, and experience new smell, sounds and friends.

Whether you are going away for a vacation, or just want your dog to enjoy a more fulfilling day while the family isn’t home, A Walk in the Park is dedicated to helping— they even offer a transportation service that will pick up your dog when you leave it bring it home when your return.

Want to get a sense of the easy-going, but professional, standards that Broersma brings to his business? Stretch your legs and bring your pet to Sidecut Metropark every Sunday at 10:30am to join A Walk in the Park for a weekly dog walk. To learn more about A Walk in the Park’s extensive services and high standards, visit awalkintheparkoftoledo.com or call 419-475-4101.

Toledo Hemp Center


Kevin Spitler / Owner
815 Phillips Ave., 419-724-9588.

Describe your first pet.
Bella, my 18 year-old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, is my first dog. She has been my road dog through my entire journey in the cannabis industry. Bella has become a spokes-dog for Toledo Hemp Center as she now graces the front of the Toledo Hemp Center dog biscuit boxes.

Not only is Bella a big part of my life but we also have two kittens, Marley and Tetra. We have kept both of them on kitty CBD products. The products seem to keep them from being crazy kitties at 2am. For Bella, the products help with her firework anxiety as well as the arthritis in her hips.


What services does the Toledo Hemp Center offer to animals and animal lovers?
We offer a wide variety of hemp infused pet products from cbd dog treats to cbd catnip snacks. We have even seen a few horses benefit from the products, especially for pain relief.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with Bella?
Road trippin with Bella is always a great time as she loves taking a ride more than anything in the world, except maybe her CBD, she will come a running if you even say CBD around her.

Do you have any portraits of Bella?
She has her own Facebook page, you can find her at Bella Spitler.

I am most proud of Bella because…
She helped me get through so many tough times on my journey. Honestly I do not know how I will handle the day she has to leave me. Just the thought brings a tear to my eye.

What’s one thing every pet owner should do?
Every pet owner should look into the supplemental benefits of hemp for their pets. I can help bring longevity of life by helping keep your pet healthy, supplementing their endocannabinoid system, something every mammal on earth can benefit from.

Is there anything I did not ask that you would like to share with our readers?
Toledo Hemp Center specializes in hemp based products which create zero intoxication with the lack of or very minimal amounts of THC. CBD, which is a non intoxicating component, offers a wide variety of benefits including pain relief as well as can act as an anti anxiety. We not only carry products that can help your furry loved ones but many can benefit you as well.

Jane Ann & Porshia
American Cremation Events


3007 Tremainsville Rd.,

How does Porshia help your business?
Porshia is a certified Therapy Dog and specializes in end of death and bereavement comfort. She visits hospice patients and their loved ones during their time of need. She also assists with comforting families and caregivers after the passing of their loved one; she also attends funerals upon request.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with Porshia?
We enjoy visiting different parks to take our walks. Of course, her favorite ball is with us to play a little fetch. She also LOVES to play on the playground equipment like a little kid.

What’s Porshia’s favorite indulgence?
After a hard day of work, I take her to Aunt Heather’s to enjoy a dip in her pool where she plays with every float toy she can find. She loves diving off the diving board to catch a toy being thrown mid-air. She is also on a heart healthy diet of prescriptive food; her occasional treat of choice is a bully stick.

Do you have any portraits of Porshia?
Absolutely. There are several posted on her Instagram account @porshia_the_therapy_dog

Does Porshia like to dress up?
She has a different outfit on every day; I bling out her wagon on holidays to make over-the-top festive.

What’s Porshia’s pet peeve?
The master bedroom door is closed when she wants to go to bed before I do. She will hunt me down and give me an alert bark to open it. If I ignore her, she will paw at the door knowing I will run to open it because that’s a “no no”.

I am most proud of Porshia because…
How many people Porshia helps every day. I’m over the moon.

Dr. Bob Esplin / Veterinarian


4801 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd.,

Do you have any pets?
I have a 7 year-old Portuguese Water Dog named Tressie. She is a very loving, caring, and family-oriented pet that loves to sit in your lap, be stroked on her head and chin, and swim. She’s a great companion, especially for my wife, who takes daily walks with her while I’m busy at the office.

What services does your business offer to animals and animal lovers?
We offer care and staffing 24/7, 365 days a year, so pets are never alone. Of the over 50 veterinary practices in our area, we are one of only three that are certified and inspected by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAAH). In addition, we offer every pet service a pet owner would want, from advanced dental care, surgical care, wellness, doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, rehabilitation, and even an underwater treadmill.

What’s your favorite indulgence for Tressie?
A little bit of deli turkey with every meal.

Does Tressie dress up for holidays?
No, I don’t do that, but if someone wants to it’s ok. As long as the costume isn’t painful or abusive, and the pet tolerates it, it’s a great way to enjoy and bond with your pet. Pets should bring pleasure to our lives.

What’s the best pet name you have ever heard?
A young man owned a boa and named it Julius Squeezer.

What’s Tressie’s pet peeve?
When we don’t feed her from the table. She sits there and whines.

I am most proud of Tressie because…
She is such a loving and caring animal that particularly loves my grandchildren.

What’s one thing every pet owner should do?
There’s so many, but every pet owner should establish a relationship with a veterinarian that they have confidence in, and then get their pet in for a health exam at least once a year.

Is there anything I did not ask that you would like to share with our readers?
One of the things we are most proud of here is that we are a pet’s full time doctor. Most humans don’t even have this— we have specialists for different concerns. The ability to provide full-time care should give pet owners a lot of confidence.

Toledo Area Humane Society


Shelter: 827 Illinois Ave., Maumee.
Noon-6pm, Monday-Friday. Noon-5pm,

The TAHS ReTail Shop: 2036 S. Byrne Rd.,
10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.

What services does your business offer to animals and animal lovers?
The Toledo Area Humane Society is committed to the welfare of animals and to promoting a healthy bond between animals and their human companions. We are an advocate for animals in our community, intervening and preventing cruelty to animals, providing educational classes for children, adopting out animals that are in need of loving homes, and so much more!

What’s one thing every pet owner should do?
Outside of the basic shelter, food, and water, every pet owner should remember to spend time with their fuzzy friend every day! Pets are reliant on their owners for their happiness, so make sure to play with them, talk to them, and love on them each and every day.

Do you have pets now? Tell us about them.
The Toledo Area Humane Society has a shelter pet. George is a 9 year-old cat that was brought in through our cruelty department with severe burns to his face a couple of years ago. The TAHS staff fell in love with George and the rest is history! George happily lives in the offices at the shelter and enjoys spending time with everyone that visits. Volunteers and the public are always welcome to spend time with him!

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