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Look Good, Feel Good

While looking good and feeling good are often different goals, we think it’s easiest achieve them in tandem. Want to take some positive steps forward? We asked the local professionals for their opinions on making changes that stick.

Look Good: Feel Good

When you feel good your body reflects it. Your hair and skin glow, your energy soars and your mental health is stable. What is not to love about that. Our experts here...

Look Good, Feel Good 2016

Looking your best and feeling great isn’t easy— but with proper care, it isn’t that hard. Local health and wellness professionals and services offer advice on how to be your best. Great Lakes Audiology...

Look Good, Feel Good

Associates in Women’s Health 5300 Haroun Rd. 419.843.4836 Answers by Susan Jackson Dr. David Jackson Tell us about your business:  Dr. David Jackson is a DO, board certified in OB GYN with 25 years...

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