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Over 2000 years ago, the Roman philosopher Virgil said: “The greatest wealth is health.” While we can’t promise you riches and gold, we do deliver solid advice from local health and wellness practitioners.

Crystal Sharp | NAMI of Greater Toledo
Coordinator of Family Navigator and Mentor Program
2753 W. Central Ave., Toledo
419-243-1119 | namitoledo.org
Crystal Sharp
Crystal Sharp

One question everyone should ask themselves: “What is your ‘why’?” I think it’s important to think about why we do the things we do. I think sometimes people get into habits and routines, and things become so regular that we don’t stop and think about what we’re doing. It’s important to evaluate the things in our lives that aren’t working so we can improve them. It’s also important to evaluate the positives as well.

A question I am commonly asked: “What is NAMI?” We are a non-profit education, support and advocacy organization. We provide mental health awareness and programming in a variety of settings throughout the Greater Toledo area. We also have great community connections, and can almost always find a resource to help match your mental health needs.

One symptom to look out for: Depression. It has no age limit. Often, coping with the loss and change that comes as we get older can be challenging. Just know that you are not alone, and that help is available. NAMI has resources that can help you cope at any stage of life.

Clint D. Keifer, Au.D. | Great Lakes Audiology, LLC
3780 King Rd #2C, Toledo
419-327-2273 | glaudiology.com
Clint D. Keifer, Au.D.
Clint D. Keifer, Au.D.

One commonly-held belief that is incorrect: A hearing aid is the most important component in treating hearing loss. Hearing aids have become quite advanced (e.g., connecting to iphones); however, proper selection, fitting, and adjustment along with necessary auditory rehab/training is most important to maximize benefit and successful adoption. A well-fit basic (low-cost) device will always outperform a poorly-fit advanced (high-cost) device.

One habit to pick up, and one habit to lose: Everyone should have routine hearing checks at least every five years to identify preventable contributors and risks to hearing loss as well as to establish a baseline and monitor for natural changes that can be hard to perceive. The biggest bad habit to lose? Q-tipping in the ear canal is the cause of many ear problems (impacted earwax, abrasion, itchiness, etc.).

One symptom to look out for: Dizziness and imbalance. Problems here can lead to falls. The main balance systems our brains use are our body feedback (proprioception), vision, and the ear. Since the ear is able to sense head rotation in all directions as well as straight-line movement (like in an elevator or car) it is pretty important to maintain good ear health. Audiologic examinations helps determine potential causes and can direct the plan for treatment.

Kevin Spitler | Toledo Hemp Center
815 Phillips Ave., Toledo
419-724-9588 | toledohempcenter.com
Kevin Spitler
Kevin Spitler

You might be surprised to learn: To effectively operate Toledo Hemp Center we have had to continuously educate the community on the differences between the hemp plant, which is what our business specializes in and provides zero intoxication but many great health benefits, and marijuana which is responsible for the “high” which so many do not want.

One commonly-held belief that is incorrect: Many have beliefs that hemp gets people high, but hemp containing only .3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is used more for its strong fibers as well as its nutritional benefits. Hemp sails and ropes carried the European settlers to America for hundreds of years – 1492 to the advent of steamships in the early 1800’s.

My attitude on aging: Becoming deficient in cannabinoids, a molecule similar to one our own bodies create naturally, can slow down many regulations in the body including the immune system and the digestive system. Restoring a deficient cannabinoid system can help to create homeostasis in the body which could also help the body slow down its rate of aging.

Jon Frankel, DDS | Frankel Dentistry
Toledo: 5012 Talmadge Rd. | 419-474-9611
Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr. | 419-893-0221

Jon Frankel, DDS
Jon Frankel, DDS

To live longer and better: Drink plenty of water, get a full night’s sleep, use it or lose it (stretch, walk, exercise), visit your physician and dentist for preventative visits and brush and floss your teeth daily.

You might be surprised to learn: Frankel Dentistry began in 1946. Dr. Sheldon Frankel was still seeing patients well into his late 80s!

One commonly-held belief that is incorrect: Many patients think losing teeth is a natural process of aging. It just isn’t so. Regularly scheduled dental re-care visits and brushing and flossing keep your smile healthy.

Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C.
Fairwood Health & Body Transition, LLC

5215 Monroe St. #5, Toledo
419-517-1030 | fairwoodhealth.com

Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C.
Dr. Jason Peisley, D.C.

My favorite way to practice self-care: Eating as clean as possible. Nobody can be perfect all the time so I put an emphasis on seasonal detox programs 4 times a year to help keep my body
in optimal shape.

My attitude on aging: There are definite scientific ways to slow it down. Research has shown that a combination of daily natural herbs and proper eating regimens can slow aging and prevent disease in the body.

One symptom to look out for: Patients should be aware of a group of symptoms for Neuropathy. Numbness, tingling, shooting pain, loss of balance involving the feet or hands, are all symptoms of nerve damage. If you are experiencing these then give us a call. We can help at Fairwood.

Diana M. Spiess | Essence Mind Body Studio, LLC
725 Ford St. Ste. B, Maumee
419-873-6463 | essencembs.com | dianaspiess.com
Diana M. Spiess
Diana M. Spiess

One question everyone should ask themselves: “What brings me joy?” Not happiness, but joy. We are designed to live by doing the things that bring us joy but too many people don’t know what that really means. Happiness is a part of living joyful.

One habit to pick up, and one habit to lose:
To pick up: Daily body alignment work. To lose: Sitting too long and holding poor posture.

One symptom to look out for: Stiffness in the ankles/calf muscles is something we want to avoid as we age. This is what starts the loss of balance. With Yoga and/or Pilates we work on this very much.

Sheri Plocek  | ThermApproach Safe Breast and Body Thermal Imaging
3130 Central Park West., Toledo
419-509-2249 | Thermapproach.com
Sheri Plocek
Sheri Plocek

You might be surprised to learn: Thermography is pain-free, radiation-free, compression-free and it’s just like getting your picture taken.

A question I am commonly asked: “Should I get a breast Thermogram instead of a mammogram?” I tell them that a mammogram looks at a structure like an X-ray and a Thermogram looks at your breast physiology. They look at two different things, one cannot replace the other.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate my luck: An 8 out of 10. I am really lucky and have had the good fortune of a great education and the great fortune to have wonderful family and friends around me.

Whiteford Valley Golf Club
7980 Beck Rd., Ottawa Lake, MI
(2 miles north of Sylvania)
734-856-4545 | Whitefordvalley.com

Great rates, Great service, Great Golf!
Senior scramble every Monday at 9 am.
18-hole Senior rate during the week is only $20.00 (cart is included, no time restrictions).



Call or go online to get info on the monthly special calendar.


Wood County Park District
18729 Mercer Rd., Bowling Green
419-353-1897 | Wcparks.org

wood-county-parks-logoWhat do you think of when you think of wellness? The idea of wellness may conjure images of a workout facility, feeling good, less stress and a sense of inner peace.

Would you want to know a free way to achieve these results? By simply being in nature, you can improve your memory and overall cognitive skills; increase your healing in less time; reduce stress and anxiety; improve balance; and feel good. When moderate physical activity is added, heart health improves as well. These exceptional results can be achieved by people of any age. For example, seniors experience a regulation of blood pressure and a decrease in stress hormones.

When we look at the eight dimensions of wellness, participating in nature programming yields social, physical, intellectual/creative, emotional, spiritual, and environmental benefits. The Wood County Park District provides free programming to reduce financial stress too. Occupational wellness is the eighth dimension of wellness. It is possible that feeling good and having improved brain function, will also improve our work performance.

For more information about the health benefits of being in nature, visit the U.S. Library of Medicine at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed.

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