No-Knead Bread


During the cold winter months, soup and bread is my go-to lunch.  A good rustic bread with a thin but crunchy crust is my favorite.  There is no good reason to purchase a rustic loaf as the no-knead bread recipes are easy breads to bake in your kitchen.  All you need is a bowl, spoon, flour, salt, fresh yeast, an oven proof vessel with a lid and forethought.  Why forethought?  Because this bread is a slow rise (8-24 hours)!

There are various no-knead bread recipes available.  They are mostly the same with the biggest difference being the amount of yeast and time for the rise.  The longer the bread rises, the more developed the flavor and texture. 

Check out these links for step-by- step instructions and videos.  Try them all and decide which recipe you like most.