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Grilled Rack of Lamb with Demi-Glace Butter

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Demi-Glace Butter

Rack of Lamb

I made this Food and Wine recipe recently as it stood out in a recent issue of the magazine and certainly caught the attention of my lamb-loving Greek husband.

Overall, it was a hit, but I will change a few of the instructions next time.

A rack of lamb always looks impressive and this recipe does its best to keep the look with a whole lot of flavor.  Encrusted in a captivating mixture of parsley, mint and garlic, the rack is slowly grilled. Use a thermometer to test because overcooked lamb is a disgrace and undercooked lamb tastes like fat.  In other words, get it right!

The recipe calls for a demiglace butter -mit is part of the recipe name. I wasn’t a fan.  It made the luscious lamb taste too fatty.  I won’t make this butter a second time.  Maybe I will rename the recipe, ‘the best smelling encrustment for lamb that I have ever made!”

The recipe also calls for a balsamic-maple syrup reduction.  It works with the lamb but was too sweet for my husband and me.  If you enjoy reduced balsamic, you will like it on your lamb.

I added tiny red skin potatoes to the vegetables (I’m married to a Greek – we eat potatoes!).  I should have also added green beans.  Any veggies you want to grill will be perfect.

This is an easy recipe to cut if half or triple. It is not a difficult dish to make and the autumn weather is a perfect time to try your skills at this one!  Just remember to start in the morning so the lamb can soak in the crust before grilling.

For the recipe, go to foodandwine.com and search for “grilled rack of lamb with demi-glacé butter.

Enjoy and send us a picture!

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