Crispy Chicken-Fillet Sandwich


I must admit I have never eaten anything produced by Chick-Fil-A but by the lines circling their restaurants, I figure their chicken sandwich must be good.  I love a crispy, fried chicken sandwich and have made them many different ways.  That said, this knock-off recipe just may be my favorite.

Made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, this recipe starts with great beginnings!  (If I never again eat another boneless, skinless chicken breast, that will be A-OK with me!)  To prepare, marinate the thigh meat in garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt, paprika and dill pickle juice for a few hours and then batter in buttermilk and egg followed by a flour and cornstarch mixture.  Fry in ½” oil to 165 degrees.  

Place the fried chicken on a bun slathered in mayonnaise and top with shredded lettuce, dill pickles and tomato slices.

My husband hardly spoke during our fried chicken sandwich dinner because we were too busy eating and uttering sounds like “yum”, “this is so good” and “this is the best.”

I guess I won’t need my other fried chicken sandwich recipes.  Give this one a try.

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