Cherry Short Ribs


This dish is fabulous!

Savory. Fruity. Tender. Silky. 

Start by salting and peppering 4-5 pounds of beef short ribs, cut in approximately 2” pieces and dried with paper towels.  

Carefully brown all sides of the ribs, in 1-2 TBSN olive oil, in a large, covered, heavy pot.  Take you time. Do in two batches and definitely get the meat caramelized. Place browned meat on a plate and collect their juices.

Pour in extra virgin olive oil and add 1 ½ C. red wine to the pot and simmer it down to ¼ C. Then add ¼ C flour and stir to make a paste.  Add 1 qt. Water and whisk until smooth.

Add meat and juices back into the pan. Add 8 shallots and 8 gloves of garlic.  Bring to a boil, turn down to a low simmer and braise for 2 ½ hours.  The meat will be falling off many of their bones.  Keep the bones in the pot to get their flavor.

Skim off any fat and then add 1+ C dried cherries and 1 tsp. Salt. Return to a boil and then to a medium simmer for ½ hour.

If the sauce is runny, temporarily remove ribs, shallots and cherries and cook down the sauce.

I love this on polenta but rice or mashed potatoes would also be good. A simple green salad completes this mouth-watering dinner.