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Advice— it’s better to heed it than to need it– our medical professionals agree. Whether surgeon or dermatologist, Toledo docs concur: prevention is better than a cure. top-docs-toledo-ohio-1

William G. Martin, MD, FACS

Midwest Eye Consultants 2740 Navarre Ave., Oregon | 419-693-4444 | midwesteyeconsultants.com What will healthcare be like in your specialty in coming years? The outlook for vision care has never been greater. Nearly anyone who wants to permanently get rid of their glasses for both distance and near has those options available to them through modern technology. Using myself as an example, my vision today is better than it has been since I was a teenager. For those who would rather have glasses or contacts, technology also provides unparalleled choices and quality. You’d be surprised to know that… my hobby is Stand Up Comedy! What can I say? Some doctors play golf, other have boats, I write jokes and do stand up. I wish my patients didn’t…. Misinterpret information on the internet. While an amazing store of information, there is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation, which can cause unnecessary anxiety. top-docs-toledo-ohio-2

Glenn E. Whitted, M.D.

Toledo Clinic Orthopaedic Surgery 4235 Secor Rd. | 419-479-5820 ToledoClinic.com | GlennWhittedMD.com Why did you pick your specialty? As a medical student I loved the attitude and the atmosphere in the operating room with the orthopaedic surgeons. What was a defining moment in your life? Going to medical school in Germany, at a time when it was so difficult to get into medical school here. You’d be surprised to know that: Orthopaedic surgery involves many more biologic treatments now, than pure surgical operations. How do you know when you’re done for the day? When my staff tell me “That’s everybody, Doc! Good job!” top-docs-toledo-3

Sarah C. Stierman, M.D.

Dermatology Associates, Inc. and Ada Aesthetics 12780 Roachton Rd. #1, Perrysburg 7640 W Sylvania Ave., Ste E | Sylvania 419-872-0777 | daohio.com What inspired you to become a physician? My father died from melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, when I was a teenager. It had a lasting impact on me and how I care for patients. How did you pick your specialty? I love that Dermatology involves a little bit of everything— acute and chronic problems, all ages of patients, medical and surgical treatment options, and the opportunity to make patients feel good about themselves from the inside out. What advice would you give to the younger you? Persistence pays off! top-docs-toledo-ohio-4

Matthew A. Molenda, MD, FAAD, MBA

Bravia Dermatology 2000 Regency Ct. | Suite 201 419-948-3376 | braviaderm.com What do you do when you leave the office? I usually call my surgery and cosmetic patients during the evening after their surgeryto make sure they’re doing well. What advice would you give to the younger you? Wear sunscreen and take care of your skin. As Benjamin Franklin once said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. top-docs-toledo-ohio-5

Marlene C. Welch, MD, PhD, FACS

AM Skin Health and Plastic Surgery 6525 Secor Rd. | Lambertville, MI. 734-568-6100 | Amskinhealth.com What’s the funniest thing a patient has asked you? If they could put me in their pocket and take me home with them! I wish my patients didn’t…. watch videos of their operation on YouTube What is the most important part of your morning routine? My “Power Hour” is first thing in the morning when everyone in the house is still asleep. I always start by tending to my orchids, then I like to use that time to read and write. What was a defining moment in your life? Finally finishing my residency and starting my first job after 20 years of education!   top-docs-toledo-ohio-6

Dr. Alexandra Schmucker

Van Optical 5307 Monroe St. | 419-841-8550 Vanoptical.com What inspired you to become an optometrist? I received my first pair of glasses in the 3rd grade and instantly saw a new world. It’s cliche to say, but I appreciated the individual leaves on the trees. I also loved going to the optometrist each year to pick out new frames. It was never a doctor’s visit that I dreaded. I wish my patients didn’t… overwear their contact lenses. I have seen the devastating effects that over wearing contact lenses can cause. Wearing lenses longer than prescribed puts patients at risk for things such as corneal infections,scarring and even vision loss. What’s the funniest thing a patient has asked you? Do I still have “Cadillacs” in my eyes? It’s common to mispronounce the word “cataract.” top-docs-toledo-ohio-9

Michael C. McVicker, D.D.S.

Exceptional Dentistry, Inc. 3829 Woodley Rd. | Suite 5 419-474-5955 | ExceptionalSmiles.com How did you pick your specialty? I was very fearful as a child due to a bicycle accident where I lost my two front adult teeth. My dentist was a very kind and gentle professional who gave me back my smile and always made me feel safe. What was a defining moment in your life? Donating my services to create a beautiful smile for a young mother who felt self-conscious and didn’t “deserve” my care, as her husband, who was unemployed, had lost his front teeth in anaccident and was embarrassed to interview with new employers. I felt privileged to rebuild his smile. Later on, their five-year-old daughter sent me a photograph to thank me— it showed that the father found work and the whole family was smiling in front of their first house. top-docs-toledo-ohio-7

Kathi Allen, BSN, R.N. and Director Of Nursing

Foundation Park Alzheimer’s Care Center 1621 S. Byrne Rd. | 419-385-3958 | foundationpark.com What inspired you to become a nurse? Both my mother and grandmother were nurses and I wanted to be one as well. How did you pick your specialty? I picked Alzheimers & Dementia as I like trying to figure out why people think the way they think. You’d be surprised to know… that I lived on a Caribbean Island for 14 years. I wish my patients didn’t… know they had a memory impairment.   top-docs-toledo-ohio-8

Timothy Ryan, President

Ryan Pharmacy and Orthopedic Supply 3340 Dorr St. | 419-531-2836 ryanpharmacy.com Why did you pick your specialty? It is a family business. I have been working here since I was about 14 years old. You’d be surprised to know that: I walked onto The Ohio State Buckeye Football Team— however, I didn’t make it. What advice would you give to the younger you? Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Do what you know best and learn the other stuff as you go. I feel strongest when: I am surrounded by my family. top-docs-toledo-ohio-10

Jason J. Peisley, D.C.

Fairwood Health & Body Transition 5215 Monroe St. | 419-517-1030 | burnfattoledo.com What inspired you to pick your specialty? The cornerstone of my practice and the future of medicine is preventing and treating the “causes” of disease— not the symptoms— by using advanced holistic, non-pharmaceutical approach to restore health and wellness. I am excited and honored to be working on proven natural solutions for both peripheral neuropathy and weight loss because my treatments help patients relieve pain, regain health and significantly improve quality of life. I feel strongest when… I am pushing myself hard and not accepting mediocrity. What advice would you give to the younger you? Enjoy good health, stop to smell the roses and find joy in your life. top-docs-toledo-ohio-11

Wade Banker, M.D. (pictured with co-owner, Nicole Banker, R.N.)

Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center 1500 Holland Rd. | Maumee 419-893-2775 | Luxe-laser.com I wish my patients didn’t… get scared of the doctor. Modern medicine is really advanced and most treatments are nearly painless now. I’m here to help I feel strongest when: I hit a really great golf shot. Doesn’t happen as often as I like… Why did you pick your specialty? I love helping people feel great about themselves. You’d be surprised to know that: We’re happy to host small groups to learn about medical procedures.

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