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Meet the Mayors: Communities benefit from Combined Strength

While Toledo is the hub of Northwest Ohio, our area is a blend of communities that add vitality and synergy to the region. These cities and towns that come together to cooperate on regional issues by combining their strengths, encourage population growth, harmony and business development. We spent some time with mayors in NW Ohio so that you can get to know them.


Craig Stough

Mayor of Sylvania 419-885-8925 | mayor.cityofsylvania.com Craig, a lifetime Sylvania area resident, is a graduate of Sylvania Schools and The Ohio State University. He is married with three grown children and four grandchildren. He practices architecture at Stough and Associates, where he works with his daughter. He has been mayor of the city of Sylvania for 21 years What is your vision for your city/village? To be the best place to live in Northwest Ohio. What opportunities do you see for the region? Creating a Regional Water Authority would help promote economic development with safe, dependable and abundant water. What issues do you anticipate? Economic realities are always a challenge to overcome. For Sylvania to remain competitive with other communities we must continue improving all that the community has to offer. The City of Sylvania is nearly built out with little undeveloped land and no longer considered an outer ring community. We are redeveloping old sites, updating infrastructure and improving city services to make them efficient. Words you live by? Move forward with a vision for a better future. What advice would you give to the younger you? Maintain a balance between your public and private lives. What inspires you now? The generosity and positive attitude of people I encounter. richard-carr-maumee

Richard Carr

Mayor of Maumee 419-897-7100 | mayor@maumee.org A Lifelong resident of Maumee, Richard is a graduate of Maumee High School, University of Toledo (B.A. Political Science) and University of Toledo College of Law (Juris Doctor). He has been an attorney and partner in the law firm of Miller, Hoch & Carr for 33 years, He was honored with the City of Maumee Outstanding Citizen Award in 1999 and was named a Maumee High School Distinguished Alumni in 2013. He has been mayor five years. What is your vision for your city/village? My vision for Maumee is a clean, safe city that provides a quality of life our residents enjoy. It is also to be a fiscally sound city where we maintain the lowest taxes/fees in the area while providing the services our resident deserve. What opportunities do you see for this region? This region needs greater cooperation in consolidating services. A “metropolitan government” is not the answer, but there are services we can consolidate including water, the municipal courts, and dispatching for police/fire. What issues do you anticipate? Water will be a major issue. For too long water was used as a way for the City of Toledo to make money by passing its operating costs to other area communities, and forcing some communities to annex township residents. We also must increase our efforts to educate our children on the dangers of drugs; the heroin epidemic in Ohio is an issue that cannot be overstated. Words you live by? It does not matter how much money you have in your bank account, what kind of car you drive, or what kind of house you live in, but the world maybe a better place if you make a difference in the life of a child. What was a defining moment in your life? Standing in the garbage dump in Guatemala City with “muck” up to my ankles serving lunch to men, women and children who scavenge the dump for recycles to sell and food to eat. This July will be my 20th consecutive year of traveling to Guatemala, Central America on a mission trip to provide service and assistance to a home for abused girls, a nursery school and several rural schools. What inspires you now? I am inspired by people who silently make a difference in the lives of others.


Paula Hicks-Hudson

Mayor of Toledo 419-245-1001 | mayor@toledo.oh.gov As former Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Toledo on February 17, 2015, following the passing of D. Michael Collins. Mayor Hicks-Hudson took the oath of office once again on November 24, 2015 after the voters elected her to the post for at least two more years. Paula attended Spelman College in Atlanta and went on to do post graduate work at Colorado State University where she received a Master’s degree in communication development. After graduating with her Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa, Paula moved with her family to Toledo in 1982. She began her career at the Toledo Legal Aid Society representing senior citizens and working with several community groups. Paula has worked as assistant Lucas County prosecutor, assistant public defender and assistant state attorney general. Mayor Hicks-Hudson was chief legal counsel to the Ohio Office of Budget and Management under Governor Ted Strickland. Your vision or your city? Toledo is a great city with challenges, but also opportunities. My vision is that we will provide the highest level of service for our citizens, implement progressive policies to improve our community, and support strategic economic development to maintain a strong foundation for our great City. What opportunities do you see for the region? Regional cooperation and vision will help all of us in northwest Ohio embrace a future that will be different from any previous period in time. What issues do you anticipate? There will be some challenges as we strive to achieve the benefits of regional cooperation and shared vision necessary to truly help our region thrive. The rewards are great as the region learns that we can accomplish much more working together. Words you live by? Be courageous and steadfast. What was a defining moment in your life? The birth of my daughter. What inspires you now? The wonderment of children and their excitement for the world.


Michael J. Seferian

Mayor of Oregon 419-698-7045 | oregonohio.org/contact/mike-seferian.html Michael J. Seferian started his political career on Oregon City Council in 1989, which led to his election as Mayor of Oregon on December 1, 2009. The Mayor is serving his second four-year term until November 30, 2017. Mayor Seferian is the owner and operator of Bob and Joe’s Automotive Service Repair, a family owned business since 1947. He has three sons and two grandchildren. The Mayor finds the key to Oregon’s success is to focus on maintaining the quality services that help make Oregon a great place to live while projecting revenues responsibly and spending within our means. He has been mayor 7 1/2 years. Your vision for your city/village? To see the City of Oregon grow commercially and industrially, while maintaining residential quality of life. What opportunities do you see for the region? Continue to grow as the area’s power producer (petro chemicals and electricity), as well as be a potable water source. What issues do you anticipate? With growth comes traffic, so being able to improve the roads to handle the new demand. Words you live by? You can learn a lot by listening. I am willing to listen to anyone even if I may not agree. What was a defining moment in your life? My mother died when I was 13, and my first wife died when our children were 8, 5, & 3. Those life events have taught me…. Do not lose track of the “things” that are truly the most important in your life. What advice would you give to the younger you? There are many ways to achieve your objective, but be patient and take the path that causes the least collateral damage. What inspires you now? The sunrise. lori-brodie-mayor-whitehouse-toledo

Lori Brodie

Mayor of Waterville 419-367-9699 | loribrodie@me.com Lori Brodie’s message of fiscal responsibility, common sense and a business approach to government earned her a record setting number of votes as she made history, being elected the first female Mayor for Waterville and the first Mayor elected after Waterville was designated a City under Ohio law in 2011.She has been in office six years. Lori works for the family business-Brodie Optometry. Your vision for your city/village? A city which offers its residents a wonderful quality of life with economic development to afford such opportunities What opportunities do you see for the region? The geographic location close to major roadways and modes of transportation which will attract businesses to the region. What issues do yo u anticipate? Controlling growth around the 24 bypass. Words you live by? Always be honest What was a defining moment in your life? Running for Council and winning! Realizing how much I enjoyed working for the community. What advice would you give to the younger you? Be bold. Don’t be afraid to step out and try new things. What inspires you now? Watching people giving back and helping others; paying it forward. donald-atkinson-whitehouse-toledo1

Don Atkinson

Mayor of Whitehouse Cell #419-250-3499 | 419-877-5760  barbatkinson@roadrunner.com Don and his wife Barbara have lived in Whitehouse for 33 years. He has been married for 44 years and has three children, five grandchildren, and one arriving in June. His father was a regular career Army Officer so he has lived all over the world. He works full time for the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office as the Captain of Internal Affair. Before being elected to the office of Mayor he served on the Whitehouse Village Council for 4 yrs and the Anthony Wayne School Board for 20 yrs and mayor for fourteen months. What is your vision for your city/village As public servants it our primary duty to provide excellent services to the residents of Whitehouse such as police, fire, refuse collection, water, sewer, maintain village roadways public parks and recreation areas. Our vision is to preserve the small town atmosphere of our village and attract quality commercial development that enhances this vision. What opportunities do you see for the region? Making sure that future development is properly planned so we can avoid problems like traffic congestion and insure that quality infrastructure accompanies all construction projects. What was a defining moment in your life? Saying goodbye to my father when he left for Vietnam for one year when I was senior in H.S. A written letter was the only way to communicate with him. With four boys this was very hard on my mother. Words I live by are: Work hard, Do the right thing, Volunteer, and give others a hand up whenever you can. What advice would you give a younger you? Do better educationally. Set goals and achieve them.

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