Mother’s Day 2021


What to do for Mom this mother’s day? 

Remember, no matter what your Mother says, she DOES WANT to be celebrated! It is just one day a year.  As the shoe brand encourages, “Just do it.”

  1. At the very least, give your mother a card and add a few heartfelt words.
  2. Shower your mother with your time.  We like it when our children pay attention to us.
  3. Feed your Mom.  Take her out. Bring prepared food to her. BBQ in the backyard.

Give Mom the day off from cooking and doing dishes!!

  1. Visit gardens or give Mom a plant or two for her yard.  Check out our article about beautiful public gardens for ideas:
  2. Gather the troops for a family photo.
  3. Take your mother out for an ice cream cone.
  4. If you are out-of-town, set up a Zoom call so Mom can see you while you tell her how much she is appreciated 
  5. Talk to your mother about your personal history. She has a wealth of memories to share.  Ask her questions about your family over the years.
  6. Is there a project your Mother needs help with?  Mother’s Day is a good day to promise and set a date to deliver on your promise .
  7. Get grandchildren involved.  Let them plant flowers, give big hugs, draw pictures and treat their grandmother like a queen for the day.

Moms can be easily satisfied on Mother’s Day with love and attention. It is that easy.