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EDITOR’S NOTE – January 2022

Dear Readers,

What will this new year bring?

While the answer to that question is unknown, I do know that I will:

• Renew my efforts to be kinder

• Use more effort to be a better listener

• Be mindful of other people’s needs

• Focus on ways to “pay it forward” every day.

While I may lose a few pounds, I will not make that a resolution.  I may apply sunscreen more often, but maybe not.  I will continue to explore and expand my cooking skills, which will likely work against that “losing weight” idea.  I will make it a goal to read more books.  And I have many more plans and intentions
for 2022.

But it is the acts of renewing, trying, being mindful and working hard that are most important to me.  These little acts, and the focusing of intention, can create big changes and are my way of doing something daily to make this world a better place. Perhaps you have also found ways to make our world a better place?  I hope so. The articles in MLiving cover topics to stimulate all of us to be involved  in our community and to connect with those around us.

This issue explores Black History Month. The story is didactic and piques me to listen better.  We also write about caring for caregivers.  Be mindful of other people’s needs, especially those who provide care and assistance to others, and offer caregivers a hand.  We share a story about how tax dollars benefit the senior community – paying it  forward in the voting booth, by approving levies, often makes life better for seniors.  

Make it a great 2022!  

Be kind, always.

Kyle Alison Cubbon

Assignment Editor

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