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AAARoundTown – Free transportation for seniors

A new pilot program, benefiting those aged 65 and over, begins in Toledo on June 14.  This program offers seniors free transportation to hundreds of locations for the first 90 days. The...

The Ultimate Field Guide Of Toledo’s Public Art

Are you looking to capture a photo in front of an awesome mural? You’re in luck, Toledo has plenty— and that’s not all. You can find tons of sculptures and statues. We...

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Sylvania and Springfield Townships Aim to Reduce Falls

In just a few short years, the efforts of the Springfield Township and Sylvania Township fire departments have reduced the number of repeat emergency calls for falls by approximately 80%. Through the combined...

Toledo Man Walks 100 Miles a Week

Like to do a little walking? Think you’d be up for walking a mile today? Five miles? Ten miles? Mike Bonnar does. In fact, he does that every day. Seriously. Bonnar, 75, is...


MLiving ASKS

What was the best advice you received from one or both of your parents? Chiquita Bennett That's an easy answer, both my parents  taught me to always do the right thing, challenge myself always,...

Toledo’s “Forgotten Visitors”: Local author looks at Glass City past

History is constantly evolving and being created day by day— both nationwide and on a local level. Toledo, in particular, is a diverse place full of historic moments for those interested in...


Archery Programs

Jun 05 - Aug 01
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Ready, aim, fire! Metroparks offers the opportunity for you to explore the sport with a

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Sylvania’s McMahon Among International Life Coaching Honorees

The International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest association of professionally trained life coaches, announced the 2019 “Circle of Distinction” inductees, including Sue McMahon, a life coach and CEO at Sylvania’s Living from...

How To Register As A Medical Marijuana Patient In Ohio

Before you visit a dispensary, there are a few crucial steps that you’ll need to take first.

Latest Stories

Gabe Kaplan went from ‘Kotter’ to poker stardom

Almost 40 years ago, Gabe Kaplan was known as Mr. Kotter, a sitcom teacher who was quick with a joke and bantered with his “Sweathog” students. These days, he is simply known as the guy who knows how to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

Business is Booming: The Bad Boys of Boomertown

By Cynthia Poe The Baby Boom era brought many social changes, beginning when hospital maternity wards were swamped with young mothers. Expectant fathers were exiled to...

VW bus lovers flock to national convention in Michigan

by Jan Hoffbauer Rick Cramer, of Hudson, MI, wanted to invite his Volkswagen friends to his hometown. He did that by working with Tom Siligato, also from Michigan, to bring the National Volkswagen...

Witness to History: D-Day’s 70th Anniversary Memories

Frank Kocinski has had five hip replacements and hopes to have both knees replaced, but his aching joints haven’t slowed him down much. The 91-year-old retired millwright and World War II hero,...

All ages can enjoy ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

This impressive animated action film features several returning characters plus several key additions. Young Viking Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, and his dragon friend Toothless lead the good fight against a new...

Learning Opportunities While On Vacation

Travelers can experience amazing learning opportunities on vacation, especially when they take time to prepare and are willing to expand their original plans. Web searches can be very helpful in researching the...

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No Rules Enchiladas

No Rules Enchiladas Sometimes a quick, well-flavored meal is the perfect answer to a long week.  One that has few rules is even better. Recently I...

Senior and Birthday Discounts

No matter your age, we can all agree on one universal truth: Food always tastes better when it’s free or discounted. So if it’s...

The Toledo History Museum Hosts a Calvary Cemetery Walking Tour

The Toledo History Museum is a non-profit organization devoted to providing educational enrichment to people in the Toledo area. Some of their goals are...

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From the family farm to community advocacy

The Toledo GROWs is an organization which facilitates the operation of 125 community gardens throughout the city.

A Toledo Tradition: Eddie Lee’s Restaurant

Eddie Lee’s Restaurant is three restaurants in one.

Saba’s Dockside Bistro: Dining for landlubbers

by Jeff Glick The Toledo Yacht Club on Summit Street in North Toledo is closer than it may seem. Our dinner group was concerned that...

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