Prized possessions get spotlight at Hayes Museum

Share the story of that special family heirloom or photograph at one of the Hayes Presidential Library’s Retro Roundtable discussions in April. 

The first, held on Saturday, April 3 at 9:30 am at the Hayes Library auditorium, will focus on physical artifacts. The second, on Saturday, April 10 at 9:30 am, will be held virtually and discuss vintage photographs. 

Face coverings are required, and groups are encouraged to remain at least six feet apart for the duration of the event. 

Each individual will be given ten minutes to discuss their item. The events are free to present at, but each session is limited to ten participants, who must pre-register beforehand. Walk-in presenters will not be accommodated. Save your spot by calling 419-332-2081, ext. 239, or by emailing

Non-presenters are welcome to attend, admission still free, but must also reserve their spot by April 1.

One of America’s first Presidential libraries, the Hayes Library and Museums are located in Spiegel Grove, at the corner of Hayes and Buckland Avenues. The estate includes the mansion of America’s 19th president, as well as his own personal library of over 12,000 books, a museum dedicated to his military and political career and the burial site of both Rutherford B. Hayes and his first lady Lucy Webb Hayes. The museum has been in operation since 1916.

Other events taking place this April include the Hayes Easter Egg Roll, also on April 3, which duplicates the White House event that began under Hayes.

Starting on April 2, the Library and Museums will be open on Fridays, increasing the number of days it is open each week to four.

For more information on the Retro Roundtable discussions or the Hayes Museum in general, visit

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