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50 Over 60: Recognizing Community Standouts

Northwest Ohio is home to talented and generous people from all walks of life. They take time to impact the community through their work, by volunteering or with good-natured entrepreneurship. M Living, showcasing community members in our publication throughout 2024, is recognizing 50 locals, all over the age of 60, whose contributions to our community have improved the quality of life. The December/January issue honored the first eight community members, the February/March issue featured the second eight profiles and the April/May issue featured the third set of profiles. Here is the fourth round of our 50 Over 60 Community Standouts, featuring restaurateurs in the area.

Chris and George Kamilaris

[Georgio’s International Cafe]

Chris and George Kamilaris were born on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea where they first began their journey in the culinary arts. In the 1970s, their family moved to Toledo where George and Chris both graduated from the University of Toledo. George worked in several high-end restaurants and developed a specialty in French classics. Chris currently serves as a member of the Northwest Ohio Restaurant Association Scholarship Advisory Committee.

In 1986 Chris and George opened Georgio’s International Cafe, a family-owned and operated restaurant, in downtown Toledo. The brothers work alongside their mother, sister and children. They now own five different restaurants including Georgio’s Grill, Geo’s Pizza, Geo’s Loft and a catering company, and their children are following suit with restaurant pursuits of their own. The Kamilaris brothers run their restaurants with the philosophy that every great meal requires the best and freshest ingredients. Since opening in 1986, they have been serving locally and organically grown produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and fresh seafood delivered daily. George is in the cafe’s kitchen every day making all of the sauces, bread, cakes and more to ensure their customers receive the best quality food.

Manos Paschalis 

[Manos Greek Restaurant]

Manos Paschalis was born and raised in Greece. Then, at the age of 26, he moved to Toledo. He studied business at UT and worked at the now-closed Athens Village on Erie Street. This experience inspired him to open up his own restaurant with his wife Judy. His restaurant is Manos Greek Restaurant opened in 1981, just a year after he moved from Greece. He wanted to bring a taste of his home country to Toledo and did so through his romantic-taverna style Greek restaurant. The restaurant serves Greek wines and many other types of Greek dishes. 

Paschalis also puts a very high value on the community he has built in Toledo. Connected to The Attic On Adams, a rustic, upstairs pub with games and fun energy, his restaurant has multiple regulars that have been going to Manos for nearly 25 years. Paschalis also owns a community garden down the road from Manos where he grows produce for the restaurant. He also allows students that use the garden to learn how to garden and some locals use the garden to grow their own produce and herbs. 

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Tom and Eileen Cousino

[Cousino’s Steakhouse]

Almost 80 years in operation, Cousino’s Steakhouse continues to be a family-owned staple for Toledo community members. Earl Cousino first opened the restaurant in 1945 and sold it to his son Tom Cousino 36 years later. Cousino has been working in the restaurant industry nearly his whole life. He was working at the steakhouse from his early years as a teenager and has since been running the restaurant with his wife, Eileen. 

The Cousino’s Steakhouse is designed to give each customer a rustic, fine dining experience while maintaining the familiar family feel. Traditions have been passed down through generations and continue to follow the Cousino’s businesses. Along with Cousino’s Steakhouse, the Cousinos run five additional restaurants where they are planning to pass down the company and family traditions to their son, Cory.

Phil Dionyssiou

[Rudy’s Hot Dogs] 

Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea, is the beginning of Rudy’s Hot Dogs. The Dionyssiou brothers, Harry and Andreas, made their way from Cyprus to Toledo where they took over the business after founder Uncle Rudy passed. What started as a single hot dog stand, has now turned into five successful restaurant locations.  

Phil Dionyssiou, son and nephew of the Dioyssiou brothers, now has his hands in the family business. Dionyssiou now owns one of the locations but continues to help out Rudy’s Hot Dogs in multiple ways. He is known for being a family man, which is reflected in his business that sells over 10,000 hotdogs a day and each are made to order for the customer. 

The hot dog empire is run on values of hard work and tradition, and Dionyssiou wants to keep that tradition going. “This is often the first job for high school kids. I hope that I am teaching them good work ethic and morals, not just in work but in life,” Dionyssiou said. “I want them to pass it on and I hope they see those things in me, too.”

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The Mancy Brothers

[Mancy’s Restaurant Group]

The Mancy name has been a long-standing, well-known name within the Toledo community since 1921. Gus Mancy, the restaurant’s founder, was born and raised on the Isle of Crete. In 1916 he moved to Toledo and along with him brought forth a tradition of cooking with the promise of great quality, honest values and family. Despite their heritage and the family run business, it was never expected of the Mancy grandchildren to continue on the tradition. Gus wanted them to find their own paths and passions, but this resulted in creation of many delicious options all across the Toledo community under the ideals and dedication of the Mancy name.

The Mancy’s Steakhouse tradition continues under cousins Gus and Mike Mancy. “Our grandfather and fathers built a great legacy here. We have big shoes to fill. People have come to expect great food, great service and honest value. Getting there didn’t happen overnight,” said Gus. George Mancy honors their grandmother’s heritage with Mancy’s Italian restaurant, John Mancy bringing the best from land and sea at Bluewater Grille and the family bringing an authentic pit barbecue all together at Shorty’s All-American Roadhouse.

Ruby Butler

[Ruby’s Kitchen]

Ruby Butler brings great southern style cooking to the Toledo community with Ruby’s Kitchen. Founded in 2004 by Butler, Ruby’s Kitchen has been bringing the delicious taste of African American homestyle cooking from catfish, ribs, pigs tails to oxtails, okra and peach cobbler for 20 years. The dream of this restaurant lived within Butler since she was 12 years old and many Toledoans have been visiting the restaurant since the beginning. 

Butler created this restaurant from the ground up and that same work ethic turned her dreams into a family legacy. The restaurant continued to be operated by members of her family who take pride in the business and want to continue the warm and welcoming environment that Ruby’s Kitchen has offered since opening.

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Nancy Avalos

[Royal Deli]

You do not have to be royalty to eat like a royal, at least that is Nancy Avalos’ goal of her business. The Royal Deli helps to bring fresh, nutritious and delicious meals to those in the community who need more support but deserve a hearty homemade meal. “We have always been in the food service business,” said Avalos, “we noticed that a need for home-delivered meals existed, so we followed our hearts and ended up where we are”.  The Royal Deli is dedicated to serving seniors and homebound community members and providing them with meals catered to their dietary needs while also being delicious and comforting.

When Avalos took over the business, she strived to maintain the goal of Royal Deli. After volunteering to be a delivery person for another company, Avalos realized the impact she had on delivering to those who cannot do it on their own. She continues to make a change in the community through offering delivery services to community members with accessibility needs, while also making sure the meals provided are the best quality and cater to those with dietary restrictions. The Royal Deli works with a dietitian to make portion controlled dishes that are healthy and meet the standard daily intake for each meal. The service allows the consumer to two meal options a day with delivery twice a week. The Royal Deli and Avalos are making a change within the community one fresh meal at a time.

George Thompson


George Thompson opened Georgjz419 almost 8 years ago, and it has become a cornerstone for the Toledo community. Vibrant neon lights and eclectic art bring attention to the space, but that is not the only thing that draws patrons in. Thompson’s goal was to create a space where everyone is welcome to enjoy entertainment, music and overall fun while being together. “It welcomes everyone without prejudice, creating a safe haven to be who you are,” Thompson said. 

The gay-owned and operated, straight-friendly establishment has something for all Toledoans. From drag shows to karaoke nights, these events not only bring joy to its customers but also provide a platform for local artists and performers. Thompson often hosts events and fundraisers that help local LGBTQIA+ resources. His dedication to a safe space has resonated with the community, making it more than just a place for drinks but a place for acceptance and connection. 

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