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Area Office on Aging on Extreme Heat/Cooling Centers This Week

The Area Office on Aging is tracking the extreme heat for this week. Below is the list of Senior Centers available as Cooling Stations Monday through Friday of this week during their normal hours, with a few centers open with extended hours. These air-conditioned facilities can offer seniors some relief from the oppressive heat and humidity.

Some Senior Centers are Closed Wednesday, June 19 in observance of Juneteenth.

Senior Centers Inc.   

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 9am-4pm        

Closed Wednesday

Extended Hours: Thursday: 9am-8:30pm

Maumee Senior Center

  Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Chester J. Zablocki 

Extended Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 7:30am – 3pm

Closed Wednesday

Mayores Senior Center

Extended Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday: 8:30am – 4:45pm.

Closed Wednesday

J. Frank Troy Center   

Extended Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:  8:30am – 4:45pm.   

Closed Wednesday


Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5pm 

East Toledo 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8am-3pm        

Closed Wednesday


Monday- Friday: 9am – 2pm



• J. Frank Troy Senior Center, 545 Indiana Ave. Suite A, Toledo, Ohio
• Salvation Army, 620 N. Erie St., Toledo, Ohio 43604
• TARTA Transit Hub, 626 N. Huron St., Toledo, Ohio 43604
• Main Branch Library, 325 Michigan St., Toledo, Ohio 43604
• East Toledo Family Center, 1020 Varland Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43605
• Locke Branch Library, 703 Miami St., Toledo, Ohio 43605
• Birmingham Branch Library, 203 Paine Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43605
• Sanger Branch Library, 3030 W. Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43606
• Mott Branch Library, 1010 Dorr St., Toledo, Ohio 43607
• Zablocki Senior Center, 3015 Lagrange St., Toledo, Ohio 43608
• Lagrange Branch Library, 3422 Lagrange St., Toledo, Ohio 43608
• Toledo Heights Branch Library, 423 Shasta Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43609
• Mayores Senior Center, 2 Aurora L Gonzalez Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43609
• South Branch Library, 1736 Broadway Street, Toledo, Ohio 43609
• Kent Branch Library, 3101 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 43610
• Friendship Park Community Center, 2922 131st St., Toledo, Ohio 43611
• Point Place Branch Library, 2727 117th Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611
• West Toledo Branch Library, 1320 Sylvania Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43612
• Heatherdowns Branch Library, 3265 Glanzman Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43614
• Reynolds Corners Branch Library, 4833 Dorr Street, Toledo, Ohio 43615
• Oregon Branch Library, 3340 Dustin Road, Oregon, Ohio 43616
• King Road Branch Library, 3900 King Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43617
• Washington Branch Library, 5560 Harvest Lane, Toledo, Ohio 43623

Lucas County

• Holland Branch Library, 1032 S. McCord Rd., Holland, Ohio 43528
• Spencer Township Neighborhood Center, 330 Oak Terrace Blvd., Holland,
Ohio 43528
• Maumee Branch Library, 501 River Rd., Maumee, Ohio 43537
• Waterville Branch Library, 800 Michigan Avenue, Waterville, Ohio 43566
• Sylvania Branch Library, 6749 Monroe Street, Sylvania, Ohio 43560


10 ways older adults can stay cool on a budget

The Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. cautions older persons that they are most vulnerable to heat-related illnesses to be aware that these extreme conditions pose a significant threat to their health, especially to those who have cardiac or respiratory problems.

1. Remain indoors as much as possible – This is especially important
for older adults with respiratory allergies.

2. Take prescriptions with water – At least 3-4 regular-sized bottles
of water a day should be consumed.

3. Keep your curtains closed –Keeping the curtains, blinds, and shades
shut during the day can reduce unwanted heat that comes the house
by 30%.

4. Putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan – Filling a metal bowl with ice
in front of a fan will circulate cooler air throughout the house.

5. Staying Hydrated – Cold non-alcoholic beverages, help keep the
body cool.

6. Cold cloths – Applying a cold cloth to your neck and wrists can help
regulate the temperature of the body.

7. Get help with utility payments, air conditioners and fans – Many
older adults are eligible for help with utility payments, air conditioners
and fans by contacting Pathway at 567-803-0010. Those making
$1,835.34 or less for a single-person household or $2,479.73 or less
for a two-person household are eligible.

8. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly

9. Rest 30-60 minutes between activities

10. Wear light-colored, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.
In contrast to violent weather events that cause extensive physical
destruction, the hazards of extreme heat are dramatically less apparent,
especially at the onset. We remind the community to check on older or
disabled family members or neighbors who live alone or may be
experiencing problems coping with the heat.

Note: If on a special fluid-restricted diet or taking diuretics, consult your physician about fluid intake during hot weather

Signs of Heat Exhaustion: Headache, sluggishness or fatigue, thirst, blurred vision, nausea or upset stomach, vomiting, profuse sweating, moderate increase in body temperature

Treatment: Fan or move out into air-conditioning; apply cool, wet cloths; take small sips of water; if condition does not improve, call 911!

Signs of Heat Stroke: Heat stroke is a much more serious condition. Signs include: headache, sluggishness or fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, agitation or confusion, seizures, hot dry skin (absence of sweating), increased (inner) body temperature, loss of consciousness, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations – Call 911 immediately – heat stroke can be deadly! Until help arrives treat the same way as with heat exhaustion (described above).

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