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100th Celebration of the Mills Trophy Race

The Toledo Yacht Club and Storm Trysail Club are hosting this year’s annual Mills Trophy Race on June 7. However, this is not just an ordinary year, 2024 marks the 100th celebration and competition. 

The race has been dated back to 1907 but is only now celebrating the 100th due to cancelations from years in war, inclement weather and COVID-19. The original race brought sailors from Cleveland, Toledo and Detroit who came together to test their navigational and crew stamina skills on Lake Erie.

After 100 years the regatta continues its traditions while growing in size and outreach. The Mills Race is the first big race of the season ties with the long standing history, numbers are expected to increase. Due to the predicted size of this years race, preparations began in November.


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The Mills Trophy Race is hosted every year, the second week following memorial day. This regatta is open to boats of many classes including PHRF, JAM, Double-Handed, Multi-Hull and Classics. 

This race also features three different courses to accommodate the different boat sizes and classes. However, each course begins near the Toledo Harbor Light and end at off of South Bass Island (Put-in-Bay).

The race will begin in the afternoon and sailors must travel through the evening and the night facing the high winds of Lake Erie, shallow areas and fatigue.

Though the race is what catches the eye, Mill Week hosts a variety of events. Mills Masters gather for a picnic earlier in the week and past winners attend a banquet and awards ceremony in their honor.

The infamous Mills Party hosted on the lawn of the Yacht Club, is open to public Thursday evening. After the race, music, refreshments and race results will be available on Saturday and sailors will receive their winning flags on Sunday.

For more information visit mi6657.wixsite.com/mills-trophy-race.

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