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Understanding Medicare Basics: Free Webinar to Equip Legal and Aging Professionals

Medicare is the cornerstone of health insurance for many older adults and individuals with disabilities, a vital lifeline for over 65 million beneficiaries. Complex in nature, Medicare often poses challenges for legal services and aging network professionals.

To help educate audiences who want to understand it, the “Legal Basics: Medicare Parts A, B, and C” webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 2 pm to 3 pm.

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Hosted by members of Justice in Aging, a national organization that uses the power of law to fight senior poverty, the webinar aims to demystify the complexities surrounding Medicare. Presenters will be Amber Christ, Managing Director of Justice in Aging and Rachel Gershon, Senior Attorney at Justice in Aging will walk through a comprehensive session focusing on Medicare eligibility, coverage nuances and payment rules.

This one-hour webinar offers an opportunity for legal assistance, elder rights and aging and disability services professionals to gain insights into Medicare. Attendees will have access to audio through their computers or phones, alongside closed captioning for enhanced accessibility.

Interested participants are encouraged to register early to secure a spot for the live presentation on Zoom. Capacity for the event is capped at 3,000 participants.

For accessibility questions, press inquiries or more information please email ncler@acl.hhs.gov at least one week before the event.

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