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. December 31, 2018.
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Looking for ways to practice more self-care? Make 2019 your year. Whether your goal is getting fit, spending more time on yourself, or something else, local experts have you covered with helpful tips, tricks, and ways to experience what you should love the most—yourself.

Wood County Park District

Wood County Park grounds are open 365 days a year from 8am until sunset. With 20 parks and over 1,125 acres, many opportunities in nature await.

Jamie Sands

Volunteer Services and Communications Specialist

Jamie Sands. Photo by Courtney Probert.

Jamie Sands. Photo by Courtney Probert.

Three words of wisdom: Love nature everyday.
My best advice for starting a new health or wellness routine is… Try baby steps into the new routine so it is not overwhelming, strenuous, or hard to incorporate into busy schedules.
My favorite method of self-care is… Being in nature, especially forested areas, improves mood, decreases stress, improves cognitive ability, speeds healing and just feels good.

Jim Witter

Certified Interpretive Guide Program Coordinator, Wood County Park District Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist Coordinator

Jim Witter. Photo by Courtney Probert.

Jim Witter. Photo by Courtney Probert.

Suggest a great first step that readers can take to be healthier in the new year: To be healthier in the new year, get outside! Being outdoors and moving is good for your mind and body.
Three words of wisdom: Beauty, wonder, learning.
My favorite fitness routine is: chasing my children around the parks!
My health goal for 2019 is… to eat well, exercise, and find time for self-care.

NOMS CPW Healthcare

3130 Central Park W
419-841-9622 |

Cindy Binkley


Cindy Binkley.

Cindy Binkley.

What’s a great first step that readers can take to be healthier in the new year? Set realistic goals that involve exercise. Once you start a daily routine of “movement”, your metabolism will increase allowing you to have a much larger impact when you do improve your eating habits.
What’s one thing people would be interested to know? We have been providing physical therapy and Medical Fitness Programs at the same location for over 30 years and we have the warmest therapeutic pool in NW Ohio.
What’s one thing that will work to make someone immediately feel better? Get moving! “Exercise is Medicine” and can have the greatest impact.
Three words of wisdom: Act. Consistency. Persevere.

Ryan Pharmacy and Orthopedic Supply

3340 Dorr St
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Timothy Ryan


Timothy Ryan.

Timothy Ryan.

Why did you pick your specialty? I didn’t pick this specialty, it picked me. I have been in the family business for over 35 years.
Everyone could be healthier if… They would just take a walk every day.
I wish my clients didn’t… have the ailments which cripple them.
I feel strongest when: I am surrounded by my family.
What is the most important part of your morning routine? Exercising and then eating a good breakfast.
What was a defining moment in your life? When I married the love of my life.

Alternative Physical Therapy, LTD

Toledo: 2526 N Reynolds Rd
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Lisa A. Kelly

Owner/Director, Licensed Physical Therapist Certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Lisa A Kelley.

Lisa A Kelly.

My best advice for starting a new health or wellness routine: Improve your walking, to improve your medical markers, like weight, muscle to fat ratio, or to keep up with the younger family members? Also, picture in your mind what you will “feel” like in your improved version of self by spring or summer. Surround yourself with friends & family who will cheer you on. Get help through Physical Therapy at Alternative Physical Therapy to clear up any lingering injuries, stiffness or poor alignment issues that keep you from achieving your goals.
Three points of wisdom: Encourage yourself gently as you would speak to your best friend. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! Take time NOW to love and invest in yourself. Please join us the second Monday of each month as we kick off our Health & Wellness Series! The meetings begin at 6:00pm.

Associates in Women’s Health

5300 Harroun Rd, Suite 201
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9am-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday.
9am-3pm, Friday.

Dr. David W. Jackson


You might be surprised to know that: I really can survive on about 4 hours of sleep per night and I don’t drink coffee!
I wish my patients didn’t: Forget to take care of themselves first. Many women put everyone else’s needs above their own, and all women need to care for themselves as well.
A defining moment in my life: The day my first son was born. It was such an incredible experience and such an amazing love felt at one moment.
I picked my specialty because: I love helping women bring new life into the world. I am the happiest in my work when doing obstetrics. It’s really hard to describe the feeling.
I would tell the younger me to: Treasure the moments of life more, to take more time for myself and my family.


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