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Fit & Healthy: Walking

There is no disagreement that walking is very good for us.  We clear our brains, build our muscles and assist our pulmonary andcardio-vascular systems when we take a brisk stroll.

The Toledo area offers many opportunities for healthy, safe walks – both inside and out.  Walk alone or get a friend to join you.

Some popular outdoor locations for walking are our Metroparks.  All have well-marked trails good for walking with nature.  Everyone lives in close proximity to a metropark.  Their website notes the trails.  https://metroparkstoledo.com/explore-your-parks/

The bicycle paths are great for walking and because they are paved, they are wheelchair accessible.  There are so many bike paths, the best way to find a close-to-you bicycle path is to search online. Be careful to stay to the right and let the bikes easily pass you.

Just walking around your neighborhood is another great place to walk.  Remember to waive hello to your neighbors!

Inside walking is available in many locations.  Lowe’s is happy for you to walk and you can bring your dog!  The mall is another great place to walk; two laps equals 1.5 miles.  University Hall, at the University of Toledo has long halls perfect for walking.

You can keep track of your distances on your smartphone.  Look under the health app for this information.  Just throw your phone in your pocket and it will keep track of your steps.

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