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Get the best produce delivered to your door

Folks looking for the freshest ingredients from a reputable source have the chance to buy produce from The Chef’s Garden in Huron. The Garden is offering its Best of the Season Boxes for purchase on its website for delivery direct to consumers.

“It’s the best of our farm as you will see it today,” said marketing manager Erika Sanicky. “It’s going to be a mix of the best vegetables on the farm, whatever we harvest for the day. Lettuce, greens, spinach, right now we have squash, asparagus, root crops, herbs, edible flowers.

“It’s almost like going to the farmer’s market, only we deliver it directly to them.”

Available on the Chef’s Garden website for $89, the box will contain enough produce to feed 1-2 adults for a full week. The Garden can’t exactly specify what will come in each box, as it all depends on what is harvested on the day the box is shipped— the contents are that fresh.

“Say one day, we might not have enough squash blossoms, or there isn’t any asparagus today, we’ll put something else in it,” Sanicky said. “It just depends on that morning, and what we can harvest that morning.”

The rise of a home market for their freshly harvested produce has been gratifying for Chef’s Garden. Before shutdowns, the Garden’s main business was selling directly to restaurants, including the best in the region and the world.

“So, mid-March, when the restaurants all started to close, we basically had to pivot into the market of home delivery. While we’ve been doing it for a while, we really maximized that, shipping direct to home,” Sanicky said.

“At first, we were worried that we couldn’t find a home for the vegetables, because like I said, we were typically shipping to restaurants.”

Now, home cooks looking to create dishes as delectable as they can find in restaurants have a source for quality produce that is as fresh as can be, outside of growing in your garden.

“It’s harvested daily. So when you go to the grocery store, you’re purchasing something that’s been harvested days, maybe weeks ago. We harvest the morning that they order, and the morning that they ship,” Sanicky said.

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