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Capturing Family Food Memories


Oh how I wish we had videotaped my husband’s grandmother in her kitchen preparing recipes from the Old Country.  Those recipes were lost when YiaYia passed away and as hard as I try, I can’t completely replicate the flavors and textures she produced with her experienced hands.  She made her own filo dough. How?  We will never really know.  Her stuffed cabbage, a family favorite, had some twist that remains with her.  So many recipes have been lost. 

Dan Zawisza and Chris Kozak, have solved the problem of lost recipes by developing Dishtory, a free App that “captures memories” by allowing users to film the preparation of a recipe to be shared with friends, family or “the world.”  App users can upload a video made with their phone or use the App to do the filming.  The film can be marked “private” if you do not want it to be seen by strangers.  A recipe card can be added and searches are by word (cheesecake, Molly Smith, beef, etc).

The App is very easy to use, a “three button system” and can certainly create a meaningful heirloom for families.

Viewers must have the app to see the videos or download their own recipes.  Maybe a grandchild will film her/himself making your recipe and send it to you for comment or assistance?

The App is free.  The first three recipes shared are free.  After that, $1.00 will get you 4 months to add recipes (one time only) or $5.00 for a year.  Viewing recipes is always free with the App. 

The App is just getting started.  What a great time to be involved!  I can’t wait to send my kids, nieces and nephews videos of me making recipes they request.  Maybe I will upload many videos and give access as gifts?  

Find Dishtory in the Google Play and App Store today:



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