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Now, more than ever before, we must support our local businesses.

During the first 22 days of March, Ohio restaurants lost almost $700 million in sales, laid off more than 100,000 employees, and 10% foresee closing permanently, according to a report from the Ohio Restaurant Association in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association.

According to the Brookings Institute, 54% of our small businesses are at immediate or near-term risk of failing due to COVID-19.  This equates to 4.2 million businesses and 47.8 million jobs!  One-quarter of these businesses are restaurants and bars. (Brookings.edu How Local Leaders Can Stave Off Small Business Collapse after Covid-19, 4/3/20.)

Local businesses are the lifeblood of every community.  They are those businesses that add color and diversity to their community. They employ local people and tend to strongly support other local businesses and their community by actively participating in fun events that raise needed funds for charitable organizations.

Local businesses spend their money locally, keeping your dollars here.

Local businesses work on slim margins.  Their budgets are tight.  The shutdowns necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic will be a shot through the heart of many local businesses; those that survive will do so in large part because we support them. ILSR.org

We will all need haircuts …. go to a locally owned salon.

We can’t wait to be seated at a restaurant … make sure it is locally owned.

It is time to plant our gardens…support local greenhouses.

Does your car need work ….support a local mechanic.

Need summer clothing….shop local.

Feel you have enough…give to a local charity.

When is the last time you visited a local hardware store…now is the time.

Groceries … check out the locally owned general and ethnic markets.

Be thoughtful about where you shop once we are able to get out.  Supporting our brothers and sisters toiling in independent businesses will go far to strengthen our local economy and keep our community unique and interesting.

For a bit, let’s take a holiday from big-box shopping at Amazon and support our locally-owned businesses.

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