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Keep Walking to Better Health: Local Indoor Walking Venues

Walking improves our health. The Arthritis Foundation lists twelve benefits of walking including improved circulation, weight management, improved mood and better sleep. Consumer Reports acknowledges that a better memory and lower stress levels are benefits derived from walking. The Harvard Health Blog states that walking helps us have “a longer life with less disability.”

Snow, ice, rain and other safety issues are not a barrier to walking year-round. There are several free indoor walking venues in our community. Visit these locations to take advantage of the benefits of walking.

Oregon. Clay High School, 5665 Seaman Road. Open to anyone in the Oregon school district. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm to 7pm. Prior registration required (the form is online at Oregoncityschools.org, search for “Walking Club”).

West and South Toledo. University of Toledo. Rocket Hall, Health Science Campus, University Hall. Search Rocket Wellness Menu at utoledo.edu for details and maps.

Maumee. Administration Building, 716 Askin St. from 9am to 3pm, front door, 419-893-3200. Gateway Middle School, 900 Gibbs St. from 6pm to 8pm, Door 15, 419-893-3386.

Sylvania. Tam-O-Shanter, 7060 W Sylvania Ave., Monday through Friday, from 9am to 3 pm. Head to the turf field in the Field House on the west side of the building. The time is subject to change based on events, so you can check out playsylvania.com for week by week accurate information.

Toledo/Sylvania. Franklin Park Mall. The mall opens at 8:30am for “mall walkers.” Two laps around the mall equals 1.5 miles.

Multiple locations. Lowe’s stores in Sylvania, N. Toledo, Perrysburg and Adrian, MI. are dog-friendly and “love their walkers.” 6am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-9pm Sunday. The best times are the early hours when the stores are less busy.

Visit these locations to derive the health
benefits of walking year-round!

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