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Need More Space? Furniture Styles, Organizing Tips to Maximize your Living Area

Regardless of the size of your home, space is often a scarce commodity. However, the way you organize and arrange your belongings, and the styles of furniture you choose, can allow you to live comfortably with open, inviting spaces. Try the following ideas to make the most of your available living area.

Sizing the Room

When shopping for furniture, be mindful that the appearance of furniture in a retail showroom is deceiving. Measure both the width and the depth of sofas and chairs, and opt for smaller styles. In smaller living rooms, sectionals offer the most seating while taking up the smallest amount of space.

Also, consider selecting a recliner instead of a chair and ottoman, that allows the footrest to be stored away when it is not in use. If an ottoman is a must, place a decorative tray on top of it,  to allow it to double as an end table.

Keep in mind, entertainment centers may seem practical but also occupy a lot of space. Instead, choose a TV that can be mounted securely to the wall.

To create storage space in your family room, choose end tables and a coffee table with drawers and cabinets.

Finally, if possible, arrange all the furniture against the walls. If there isn’t sufficient wall space place a sofa or chair against, place a cabinet and table lamp behind them.

The Mess Hall

They don’t call it a mess hall for nothing! Underutilized gadgets and gizmos take up precious kitchen space. Take inventory and eliminate non-essentials. Also, better utilize your cabinet space by purchasing additional shelving or small stackable organizers. When replacing cabinets, buy taller ceiling height cabinets (and a safe, sturdy stool). The top shelves provide extra storage for seldom-used items. Also add corner shelving to the outside ends of your cabinets for knick-knacks, a fruit basket or other odds-and-ends.

For tight eating areas, install a rectangular corner table with “L” shaped bench seating. This works especially well when family and grandkids visit, eliminating the need for multiple chairs. For slightly larger dining areas, a corner table will increase usable space. Consider adding a hutch or computer desk, so the room serves double duty.

Bedchamber Basics

Off-season clothing takes up closet and drawer space. So buy some shallow cardboard containers to slide under the bed or to stack in the closet. Under the bed can also be used for storing holiday decorations, gift-wrapping, keepsakes and more. Also, consider installing double hanging rods in your closet to make it more functional.

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Does your bedroom serve as a home office by day? If so, invest in a Murphy’s bed. Just press a button, and your bedroom is transformed as the bed mechanically folds into a wall cabinet.  Also, install a wall-mounted light above a reading chair or your headboard to eliminate a table or nightstand.

The Lavatory

If your bathroom has a large dressing area or other wasted space, add an armoire to store towels, sheets, toiletries, bath toys and other items. In smaller bathrooms, install a bath valet over the toilet. These come in a variety of styles and sizes. If cabinet space can’t be added, put a decorative basket on the floor for storing towels and washcloths.

Odds & Ends

If you have a large collection of DVDs or CDs, get a CD storage binder to protect them. Then put the plastic cases in storage to eliminate clutter.

If your foyer or mudroom has space, an armoire can provide added, out of sight storage. Tuck away hats and gloves, sporting goods and more in this multipurpose cabinet.

Make the most of every room in your home by installing horizontal display shelves around the perimeter, a foot or two below the ceiling, to display photographs and knick-knacks. The shelving provides a great way to decorate, and eliminates clutter.

When choosing window coverings, forego drapes and curtains. Venetian or wood blinds or decorative shades with a valance on top will create the illusion of more space.

Finally, if you use your bulky personal computer only for browsing and social media, replace it with a small laptop.

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