Libby Cassidy


Libby Cassidy

Molly Maid: Home Cleaning Made Easier

– Sponsored content – According to the American Time Use Survey, Americans spend around 14 hours per week doing household chores. In addition to long work hours, childcare and other family obligations there...

Dining Out: Extra Virgin Lamplight Café & Bakery

Opened as The Lamplighter in Peddlers’ Alley Waterville over 30 years ago, the eatery, now located in Perry’s Landing in Perrysburg, is known as the Extra Virgin Lamplight Café & Bakery, is...

Continuing Education: Ways to Keep Learning Later in Life

One of the great things about education is that even when you leave grade school or college, you don’t stop learning. Learning is a lifelong process – sure, you don’t have tests...

Libby Cassidy