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Sophisticated Dining with Rasa

Since opening in November, the character of Rasa Restaurant and Bar— located on Bancroft St., just off Ottawa Park— has revolved around a concepts. Local. Seasonal. Healthy. Community.

Tandoor: Quality cuisine a family affair

Decorative umbrellas hang from the ceiling at Tandoor Cuisine of India, providing the small dining area with a splash of color. They have no special cultural significance — except, of course, to...

Dining Dynasty Saba’s Bistro 1705

When you think of Toledo restaurateurs, many names come to mind, but a constant among those in the hospitality industry are Bruce and Tracy Saba, now of Saba’s Bistro 1705 and TJ’s Catering.

QQ Kitchen, a Hidden Chinese Culinary Gem

In a city known for its food and diverse culture of flavors, more commonly accepted genres and tastes tend to fall by the wayside. While the Toledo area has Japanese, Russian, Hungarian,...

Manos Greek Restaurant: A destination with cultural vibrancy

In January of 1980, then 26 years old, Manos Paschalis came from Greece to the United States to study business at the University of Toledo. He got a job waiting tables at...

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