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Kenn Kaufman’s A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration

Authors! Series presents Kenn Kaufman’s A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration.

Fancy, Don’t Let Me Down

Don’t miss country music icon Reba McEntire as she graces Toledo with her incredible stage presence while performing her biggest hits.

Save Money While You Help Save the Planet

We need to demand more (meaning, less) from businesses. If consumers demand it, businesses will rethink ways to package and will devise ways to reduce plastics in products and packaging.

Exercise Your Brain: Continuing Education During Retirement

While adjusting to retirement, many become concerned that they are not exercising their brains. If we are not taking in new information, perhaps we are ‘dummying down.’ Accustomed to using our brains throughout our working years, we feel alive when taking in new information. There are, however, many options available which allow us to exercise the brain and to learn new information during retirement.

Is Butter Better? Separating the Good Fats From the Bad

BUTTER! My new favorite food. It all started with a recipe for chard. My family reputation was that of an irritatingly healthy eater— olive oil, avocados, walnuts were my oils— until I picked a handful of chard from my garden.

Student Mentoring Programs In 11 Toledo Elementary Schools

Mentors in Toledo Schools (MiTS) volunteers focus on literacy tutoring for kindergarten through third grade students to enhance their classroom performance.

A Caregiver’s Musings: A schedule I never wanted to keep

“You’re doing well,” my friends say. My husband has spent the last month in the hospital, and his future is bleak. I’m anything but “well.” My previous passions are now colorless. I haven’t been to art classes. I’m not reading. I have no interest in my veterinarian TV shows. Yet, still, I’m moving forward with life pursuits even though my love of 50 years is not with me.

How To Register As A Medical Marijuana Patient In Ohio

Before you visit a dispensary, there are a few crucial steps that you’ll need to take first.

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