Senior & Birthday Discounts

No matter your age, we can all agree on one universal truth: Food always tastes better when it’s free or discounted. So if it’s your birthday or if you’re a senior diner,...

Prized possessions get spotlight at Hayes Museum

Share the story of that special family heirloom or photograph at one of the Hayes Presidential Library’s Retro Roundtable discussions in April. 

See the Mona Lisa

Here are links to and short descriptions of Worldwide, free virtual events available anytime.

Weekly Recipe: TAHDIG

Check out this delicious dish! New recipes weekly!

Baby Back Ribs

Yes, I know, everyone makes ribs. So, why am I writing about making ribs?  Because I just make the best ribs I have ever made and I want to share this easy...

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Cool Hand Luke (1967) - “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” One of Paul Newman’s most iconic performances sees him as Luke Jackson, a prisoner on a chain gang whose...

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Matza Ball Soup

I was honored to be invited to a friend’s Passover Seder last weekend.  A meal steeped in tradition, remembrance, promise and love for humankind. ...

Eat your Fruits and Vegetables

An observational study showed that two fruit and three vegetable servings per day may contribute to a longer life.

A Toledo Tradition: Eddie Lee’s Restaurant

Well-prepared, consistently tasty prime rib, steak, fish, chicken and more


Herbed Basmati – Weekly Recipe

MLiving's Weekly Recipe

A Toledo Tradition: Eddie Lee’s Restaurant

Eddie Lee’s Restaurant is three restaurants in one.

Weekday Chicken and Orzo

Weekly recipe from MLiving!

Recipe Of The Week – Lamb Keema

Recipe Of The Week - Lamb Keema


Healthy Herbs

Herbs aren’t just for flavor, they have health benefits too.

2021 Resolutions: Planning for the world after 2020

A worldwide pandemic, a contentious national election and a renewed examination of racism in America, accompanied by hurricanes, fires and even murder hornets, made...

Who is this person taking care of me? Local health systems utilize ‘hospitalist’ approach

by Jason Webber Dr. Steven Zook is a hometown product and a University of Toledo School of Medicine graduate who works at ProMedica Toledo Hospital....


Presidents Days Quiz: Answers

Presidents Day Quiz - Answers

President’s Day Quiz

Test Your Presidential Knowledge!

Vaccines and the Elderly

My neighbor just got her first vaccine; it took her three days of telephoning to get an appointment.  A friend of mine has spent...

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All ages can enjoy ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

This impressive animated action film features several returning characters plus several key additions. Young Viking Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, and his dragon friend Toothless lead the good fight against a new...

Learning Opportunities While On Vacation

Travelers can experience amazing learning opportunities on vacation, especially when they take time to prepare and are willing to expand their original plans. Web searches can be very helpful in researching the...

Can your marriage survive retirement?

Life-long marriage always has its difficulties, and retirement is no exception...

The Benefit of Chocolate

Sweet treat can be good for your health The cacao tree, from which cacao beans come, is grown in the tropics. It produces fruit, or pods, that are more than a foot...

Are vitamins necessary?

Supplements can fill holes in modern diets Vitamins and dietary supplements are a $30 billion industry and about 50 percent of all adults consume at least one supplement daily, according to numerous...

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A Star is Born (1937)

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With Gratitude

Women have their own unique set of challenges when integrating back to civilian life.

Godzilla (1954)

Get ready for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong