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VoiceCorps brings independence to the visually impaired

Do you or someone you know struggle with vision loss, impairment, or disability? Help has arrived. VoiceCorps Radio Reading Service, in Columbus, has recently expanded to Northwest Ohio. Their mission is to make life more accessible for the visually impaired.  

Their service reads news and entertainment, from a variety of newspapers and magazines such as The Columbus Dispatch, the Wall Street Journal, People, Men’s Health and others).

Allison Labarre, Executive Director of the Ohio State School for the Blind, reading for the Voicecorps Leaders for Readers program.

New programs in development, to subscribers who may use radio, cable, internet, TV Sap, and Alexa devices to access their services. 

VoiceCorp was founded in 1975 as Central Ohio Radio Reading Service (CORRS), by Irwin Hoyt, Fred Allemeier, and Stanley Doran; each man was blind. VoiceCorps now reaches over 80,000 Ohioans with visual impairments or disabilities providing a variety of programs, from news to entertainment, via read-aloud. In addition to serving those with visual impairments, individuals who have had a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or other issues which prevent reading independently may also qualify for their services. These services may be the difference between continued independence and assisted living.

News and entertainment are not the only written material read; grocery ads, obituaries, and interviews are offered as well. Candidates are interviewed on-air during election years, ensuring subscribers are well-informed about the issues as responsible voters. “Morning Exchange” is their daily morning radio show which discusses local and national news, notifies subscribers of upcoming meetings and events, and educational reports. VoiceCorps is dedicated to reaching and retaining new subscribers who may not otherwise be able to read important information or maintain their independence. 

You can find more information on their website, www.voicecorps.org or by calling (614) 274-7650.

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