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Molly Maid: Home Cleaning Made Easier

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According to the American Time Use Survey, Americans spend around 14 hours per week doing household chores. In addition to long work hours, childcare and other family obligations there is hardly time left over for more enjoyable leisure activities. Molly Maid seeks to return that time to you, committed to making its customers’ lives easier with quality home cleaning services.

Making its way from Canada to Ann Arbor in 1984, Molly Maid’s affordable rates and customizable plans helped the business quickly expand throughout Northwest Ohio as a reliable cleaning service. Currently, the company helps clean over 450 local communities with locally owned and operated offices.

Molly Maid offers an array of cleaning services for your home or apartment including eco-friendly, special event, commercial or residential cleaning on a flexible time basis including, recurring, one-time or even on a room-to-room basis. “I always tell people Molly Maid is a simple business,” David McKinnon, Molly Maid co-founder, explained. “We clean houses.” No matter what your lifestyle or budget, Molly Maid has an option for you.

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Individualized rates ensure that each home is getting the most cost-effective cleaning. It’s simple to get started. During a free consultation, Molly Maid staff are happy to visit the home and provide a full inspection and estimate with no further obligation needed. During the home tour, the staff will discuss the most effective ways to clean each room using their expertise while taking all individual customer preferences into account. 

Since each Molly Maid office is locally owned, the team can bring a unique perspective when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Whether it be a small business or a corporate office, Molly Maid understands the importance of a clean workspace to benefit both the employees or to help attract new clients and customers, while freeing up time for business owners to focus on more important tasks.

Kelley, in The Village of Walbridge, can attest. “Alia and Kacey cleaned our administrative offices and did an excellent job,” Kelley said. “We had a top-to-bottom cleaning. They were fast, efficient, courteous and left the building looking great.” 

Molly Maid truly goes above and beyond to make sure every individual space is left as clean as possible. Each member of the team is trusted to provide a professional clean with all of the special touches that you may not be able to get elsewhere. 

One meaningful way Molly Maid helps give back is through the Ms. Molly Foundation. Established as a nonprofit organization in 1996, the foundation has raised over four million dollars to help support victims of domestic violence through community shelters and agencies. The foundation continues to empower victims and spread awareness to end cycles of abuse. 

Molly Maid understands that trusting someone to clean your home or business can feel like a big decision. With respect, integrity and focus on the customer Molly Maid believes in its ability to enrich and serve local communities through cleaning. 

To request your free estimate or learn more please visit mollymaid.com/nw-ohio.

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