Covid-19 changed our vocabulary

Covid-19 changed our vocabulary

Have you noticed all the words and phrases we use daily that we maybe could not even define or pronounce in 2019? Our vocabulary has certainly changed.

This Pandemic has really changed our world.

I feel like it is time for a Quarantini.

Who is in your bubble?

Our grandchildren attend Virtual school.

Other than for a walk in the park, we haven’t gone anywhere due to the stay at home order.

Be safe my friend.

What kind of mask do you prefer?

The vaccine is coming!!

Social distancing means six feet.e

The new handshake is an elbow bump.

I may have been exposed so now I must isolate.

You’re on moot.

We talk to our family on Zoom.

When will the Stimulus checks arrive?
The never ending technical difficulties caused by remote communications.

The last many months have been challenging.

I think I will pull my hair out if I must continue to Quarantine.

How long is the incubation period for coronavirus?

The virus may be spread by respiratory droplets.

It is scary that a person can be asymptomatic while spreading rona.

Super-spreader events occur when many people gather.

The curve is going up – not a good thing.

Have you been tested?

PPE is necessary for health workers and has been in short supply.

N95 masks are thought to be the best.
Add a comment to this Facebook post with more words and phrases we have learned since and due to Covid-19.

Stay safe and healthy.



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