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Note from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Enjoy this August and September issue!  Nearing the end of summer and preparing for autumn, the heat, produce and flowers of August will be followed by September’s cooler temperatures, allowing for comfortable walks outdoors.

I hope your June and July were good months full of rewarding activities and enjoyable visits with friends and family.  NWOhio offers so many opportunities and a great place ro check on upcoming events is in this print edition and online at MLivingNews.com.  Our online calendar highlights all sorts of events including music, theater, happenings at area parks, lectures and other offerings.  We send a weekly email newsletter to subscribers which includes 4-5 recommended events.  If you don’t already receive our newsletter, sign-up here.

This issue of MLiving News brings you a variety of pieces covering decluttering techniques, estate planning tips and options for keeping our brains active and curious.

Also, we announce our Reader’s Choice award winners! Selected by our readers, the Winners are locally owned and operated companies and service providers, a selection of truly uniquely talented individuals.  Please support our local businesses that provide character to our community.

I wish you well.

Kyle Alison Cubbon
Assignment Editor

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