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Explore Your Genealogy with Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Are you interested in learning more about your past? Find information about your home’s history, your family’s history and Lucas County history with the Toledo Lucas County Public Library Local History and Genealogy one-to-one sessions.

The one-to-one sessions offer those interested in finding out more about their genealogy serval sessions to delve deeper into their history, including a getting started with your genealogy session, discover your house history session, a Manuscript Collection appointment session, research tools assistance (ancestry, family search and more) and other genealogy services.

The appointment will last an hour where you will meet with a librarian to discuss your question. Before making a one-to-one session please make sure you have specific questions about your history you would like answered.

“We’d like (the questions) to be very specific and what they’re looking for. So not just a, ‘I want to do everything on my family’ kind of thing, which we do get that question,” Jill Clever, manager of Local History and Genealogy at TLCPL said. “But we need more specifics. Like, I’m looking for my great grandmother or who she was married to.”

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Those interested in finding out more can use these services to find various genealogical information, whether that is finding out who previously owned your home, your family tree or to read diaries or letters from their Manuscript Collection to learn more about a specific topic. If interested in a one-to-one session, fill out the form on the TLCPL website to schedule an appointment.

To see what is available to read in their Manuscript Collection, visit the TLCPL website.

The Local History and Genealogy department has several other services to offer Glass City residents, including public programs, exhibits, books clubs and more. The department is gearing up for their Genealogy and Local History Fair which will take place Saturday, Oct. 12 where attendees can have fun, learn about Lucas County history with local historians, enjoy delicious food and explore exhibits.

For more information on Local History and Genealogy, visit toledolibrary.org/localhistory.

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