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Fashion Tips for the New Year

The New Year, a time to review fashion slips and to resolve not to repeat them. Here are some easy, but quick, tips to ensure your “Dressing Star Status.”

1: Shoes and accessoriesfashio-1

Your accessories add the final touch and  there are so many fabulous ways to accessorize at inexpensive prices (think vintage, unique boutiques like Amy’s Alley in Toledo, Chic Happens in Sylvania and your sister’s closet). Before walking out the door though, look at your shoes. Are they worn, scuffed or out of date? Shoes add the finish for an outfit. If they appear shabby the entire look is lost — great repair shops can put the shine back on those shoes – Heel N Toe by Dimitri (419-866-5318) or Pasquale Shoe Repair  (419-472-8803).

2. Counterfeit accessoriesfashion-2

do you meet people on the street corner asking if you want a bargain – a Rolex for $35.00 or a Louis Vuitton for $100? Wow you think; what a bargain and who will know. Carrying a fake designer bag is not going to make you more popular. There are so many great accessories available to the consumer today that you can get an amazing piece of jewelry, bag or belt at reasonable prices. Strive to be an ‘authentic you’ rather than a fake wannabe.

3. The fit is it fashion-3

Proper fit will always insure that you look prepared for any occasion.

Your jackets, sweaters and trousers should neither too tight nor too loose. The drop on the trousers should fit you snugly and if they hang too low on you – check your waist measurements; often the pants were cut for someone taller. A rule of thumb,  if you have to spend a lot of money to tailor your clothing, choose another style. Today, tailors are cost effective and help you achieve the best fit  (Sew n Such 419-478-5455, My Shop on Rugby Drive – 419- 382-7490 or Mayberry Cleaners – 419-882-1177).

4. Make sure you look at your clothing as you dress fashion-4

is the look appropriate, are the seams ripped, or is there a spot.  When people see you looking disheveled or out of touch, they assume wrongly that you are lazy.

Most important – make sure you wear the right undergarments – many times the fit is due to the wrong bra. There are people in department stores that can assist in finding the right pieces for you.

5. Outdated looksfashion-5

you know the pieces – sweaters that were popular in 2000, bell bottom pants that you saved from the seventies.  No and NO! It is time to support your local Goodwill and give those pieces away. If you have not worn them in two or more years you aren’t going to start now.

6. Hair and makeupUntitled-3

often we dress in the most amazing dress and then we step out in outdated makeup or hair that is past its prime – long flowing tresses after a certain age. I spoke with Carmen Wigmans at Reve Salon – and here are her tips:

Go to a stylist who is going to be honest about what you need and will keep you updated with modern looks that bring out your personality, lifestyle and natural features.

As you get older don’t wear hair in a ponytail.

If you color, always color because if you decide to go gray you must ask yourself ‘can I pull this dramatic look off’?  Going gray means that the hairstyle may need to be short to make the look vibrant.

Makeup and skin care should be updated seasonally – in winter you need more care for drier conditions and to rid yourself from sun damage and in summer more skin care products with sunscreen are a must. Makeup looks also  mimic the season’s – heavier in winter and lighter in summer.

Make it a habit to keep current and if you need  a consultation, many salons will be glad to help you update your cosmetic and hair needs. In 2016 promise yourself that your New Year resolution is to fashionably energize.

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