Stayin’ Cool: Tips to Beat the Summer Heat


If you are feeling the heat with the spike in temperatures and humidity, it is important for people to know the ways to stay cool and the options available. Heat waves not only affect the environment but can be detrimental to people’s health. Heat can cause many health problems, and the vulnerability to heat increases with age. Especially at risk are those with existing cardiac and respiratory issues. 

Recently, the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio released a statement urging adults, specifically seniors, to prepare for the summer heat. Included were tips for staying cool, noting the opening of area senior centers as Emergency Cooling Stations during this time, locations include: 

  • Chester J. Zablocki Senior Center, 3015 Lagrange St. 419-936-3089.
  • East Toledo Family Center, 1020 Varland Ave. 419-691-1429.
  • Eleanor M. Kahle Senior Center, 1315 Hillcrest Ave. 419-476-2745.
  • Margaret Hunt Senior Center, 2121 Garden Lake Pkwy. 419-385-2595.

The senior centers are open Tuesday through Thursday from 10am to 5pm.  

The Area Office on Aging also released additional tips for staying cool, included in the list below:
  • avoid excessive heat
  • remain inside when possible and keep your curtains closed
  • stay hydrated with water with plenty of water 
  • make sure you drink water when you are taking prescription medications
  • place a bowl full of ice water in front of your fan to imitate a cool breeze
  • wear the right clothing: light colored, loose fitting, lightweight materials are the best options for staying cool
  • if you are feeling warm try placing a damp, cold cloth on your neck or wrists to cool off

Air conditioning is a great convenience and should be used, but not excessively. If you are concerned about affording the air conditioning, there are options to help with payments or possible eligibility for financial help with utilities. These tips are to help beat the heat but will not always work in cases of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, so it is important to listen to your body and remember that in a case of emergency just call 911.