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Lucas County Implementing New Emergency Alert System

Lucas County is encouraging citizens to sign up for their new emergency alert system, Lucas County Alerts.

This service will be free to those that live or work in Lucas County and will alert locals by text message or email of any emergencies that may happen in the area including snow emergency levels, tornado warnings, evacuation or shelter in place orders and more.

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Text message emergency alerts can only be sent to your cell phones that are able to receive texts, and standard messaging rates may apply.

To sign up for Lucas County Alerts, visit lucascountyalerts.com and fill out the form.

To receive alerts tailored to your specific geographic location in Lucas County, leave your home or work address. Some communities have decided to implement their own alert systems within Lucas County Alerts.

Lucas County Alerts is different from other alert systems in the county that only do emergency alerts. With Lucas County’s new system, you can also choose to receive more specific alerts about your community.

Several Lucas County communities have implemented alerts for boil advisories, road closures, community events and public meeting. While fourteen different zip codes across Lucas County have implemented a leaf pick up alert system. Check lucascountyalerts.com to see if your community has implemented this option.

You can choose each specific alert you would like to receive, or if you would like to only receive emergency alerts, you can opt out of the community alerts altogether, which is a good option for those that have a family member or work in Lucas County but do not live here.

Lucas County decided to use text message and email alerts rather than phone calls because they are much faster than voice messages, even automated ones, they said.

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Lucas County guarantees its citizens that they will not sell any numbers or emails they receive, and those that sign up for the service will not receive any unsolicited calls.

For more information on Lucas County Alerts, visit https://www.co.lucas.oh.us/2644/Lucas-County-Alerts.

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