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Five Trending Issues OSHIIP Can Help Ohioans on Medicare Address

The Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) is the state’s official Medicare counseling and education program and part of the Ohio Department of Insurance. As such, OSHIIP is always looking for ways to help older Ohioans address five trending Medicare issues, including Medicare changes in the age of the coronavirus.

“OSHIIP representatives empower older Ohioans to be more knowledgeable and confident Medicare consumers,” Ohio Department of Insurance Director Judith L. French said. “They also help narrow the scope of Medicare coverage options so older Ohioans can make health insurance decisions best suited for their needs.”

OSHIIP representatives are helping older Ohioans understand and address these five trending Medicare issues:

  • Medicare Benefits Post COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
    • Get clarity on coverage and cost-sharing for COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostic tests, over-the-counter tests, telehealth services and more.
  • New Medicare Scams
    • Recognize wrongdoing, including the “New Medicare Card” scam that involves telephone scammers posing as representatives of the government to steal personal information, and scams related to the unwinding of the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Essential Medicare Basics and Deadlines
    • Attend an OSHIIP virtual or in-person “Welcome to Medicare” event, which are being held statewide through June. Receive an overview of Medicare, Part A and B benefits, Part D prescription drug coverage, Medicare supplemental insurance plans, Medicare Advantage plans, eligibility, enrollment, financial assistance and important deadlines. An events schedule is available at insurance.ohio.gov.
  • Medicare Advantage “Extra Benefits” and Coverage Limitations
    • Become familiar with the nuances around coverage and limitations for dental treatment, nutritional and fitness programs and Medicare Advantage over-the-counter drug cards.
  • Medicaid Redeterminations for Coverage Eligibility
    • With the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency that reduced expanded Medicaid eligibility to pre-pandemic regular eligibility, many Ohioans are undergoing a redetermination process through the Ohio Department of Medicaid to learn if they still qualify for Medicaid, including dual eligibles who received both Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

OSHIIP counseled and educated nearly 600,000 people and saved Ohioans on Medicare $46 million last year by helping them identify suitable coverage options and financial assistance. OSHIIP’s services and information are free and unbiased.

If you need help understanding these issues, OSHIIP representatives are available at 800-686-1578 and oshiipmail@insurance.ohio.gov to answer questions about Medicare. Visit insurance.ohio.gov and medicare.gov for educational Medicare information.

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