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Georgio’s Cafe International: Fine Dining and So Much More

By Don Radebaugh

When it comes to fine dining in Toledo, few establishments keep pace with Georgio’s Café International. From ambiance, to service, to quality, Georgio’s delivers in a major way.

Founded in 1986 by brothers Chris and George Kamilaris, the nostalgic restaurant sits in a quaint location on North Superior St. in downtown Toledo, next to the Valentine Theatre.

“The building is 150 years old,” said George Kamilaris, who is also the head chef.

The combination of old time charm mixed with an elegant setting ensures at the onset that something very special is on the way.


House Made Daily

“I make all the sauces, all the bread, all the soups…the cakes, all right here…for 30 years. I’m here every day to ensure our customers get the very best. It’s a smaller menu…it’s a best items menu…fresh meat, fresh seafood…everything’s fresh and made daily. Best steaks and chops anywhere and always the freshest seafood” George added. If you’re paying a little more for the experience, you’ll soon confirm why when your lunch or dinner arrives.

I started out with fresh and very tender octopus in mixed greens with balsamic vinegar dressing. The crock of homemade onion soup au gratin that came next was arguably the best bowl of soup I’ve ever tasted.

Beef Tournedos was the main dish – two prime tenderloin filets sautéed in red wine and mushroom sauce came next and beyond delicious.

Other classic dinner options include new york strip steaks, baby spring lamb chops, veal georgio’s tender filets, chicken breast georgio’s, chicken fettuccine, vegetable pasta el tonde or the seafood of the day. Just pick one already. Not to worry…it’s all good. And the best homemade bread accompanies.

Appetizers also include escargot, portabella mushrooms, gulf shrimp, haloumi cheese or grape leaves. Don’t get hung up on the choices because each it guaranteed to satisfy.


Private Dining and Catering Options

For the private dining experience, Georgio’s has elegant private dining rooms available and customized to each party’s preference. Georgio’s caters too with virtually everything e for your special at-home dinner party or event.

For parties of six to ten people, the Chef’s Table Experience is another option from Tuesdays through Fridays, featuring a delicious blend of “not on the menu” offerings, like beef wellington, rack of lamb, stuffed lemon sole with alaska king crab, crab cakes, or south african lobster. Each meal is created for your private enjoyment with seating close to the kitchen.

Georgio’s is open daily for lunch and well worth the trip to taste what’s on the mid-day menu.

Georgio’s just remodeled its bar, which is one of the first things you see on the way in. Count on one of the finest selections of fine wine anywhere, with offerings to complement the perfect meal – what you can expect each and every time.

For more on Georgio’s Café International, visit their website at GeorgiosToledo.com, or call 419-242-2424 to make your reservations.

Soupa Avgolemona

  • 2 qts. chicken broth, strained
  • ½ cup raw long grain white rice
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 lemons (juice only)
  • Salt

Bring the broth to a full boil in a soup kettle. Gradually add the rice, stirring constantly until the broth boils again. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer until the rice is just tender, not mushy, 12 to 14 minutes. Remove from the heat and keep warm.  Beat the eggs for 2 minutes. Continue to beat, gradually add the lemon juice.

Slowly add some of the hot broth to the egg-lemon mixture, beating steadily. Stir the mixture into the soup and cook over minimum heat, without boiling, until the soup thickens to coat a spoon. Taste for salt, and keep warm until ready to serve. Pass the pepper mill at the table for additional zest.

Note: Bite-sized pieces of cooked chicken may be added to soup before adding the rice.

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