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Shobu By Kengo At Hollywood Casino Is A Sure Bet

The Hollywood Casino prides itself on partnering with local entrepreneurs as part of its food, beverage and entertainment offerings.  A recent partnership the Casino has initiated is with a new restaurant, Shobu by Kengo. 

Shobu, an upscale sushi restaurant, is housed in a beautiful space with excellent staff and phenomenal food. Whether you are looking for a quick bite during a respite from gambling, or you want to experience a complete “Omakase” chef-selected meal, Shobu is a great addition to the Casino. 

The Menu and the Man

Shobu's hours

The energy and impetus behind Shobu is Kengo Kato, owner and the creative culinary mastermind behind downtown Toledo restaurants Kengo Sushi and Kato Ramen. Though Kengo has established his restaurant reputation, he is thrilled to add Shobu to the mix. 

“Partnering with Hollywood Casino and opening Shobu by Kengo is a great honor and a dream come true,” Kengo explains. “I am excited to expand my culinary vision and to bring a unique brand to a new audience.” 

Shobu sushi roll
The negitoro roll is a key menu item at Shobu.

The menu at Shobu will vary from day to day, but there will always be Kengo treats available like negitoro rolls, bacon-wrapped tomatoes, wagyu beef, a variety of teriyaki selections and other small plates, grilled treats on skewers and a unique selection of drinks.  

Although Kengo sees opening and managing a third restaurant as a bit of a challenge, he is excited about the opportunity to showcase his family’s legacy – particularly that of his father, a renowned chef who is credited with bringing sushi to America and whose artwork proudly adorns Shobu’s walls.

Honoring His Family

environment of Shobu

Kengo’s family has a distinct commitment to creating jobs and contributing to the community through the three restaurants, as well as creating strong partnerships with local businesses and organizations like the Casino. Kengo, himself a father of two and husband to Amanda, has a dedication to his restaurant that is all the more admirable as he juggles work and home life. 

“I am incredibly proud of Kengo and all he has accomplished, and it’s a privilege to be part of his journey,” his wife Amanda said. “Though the road has been long, the experience of working together to create something special in Toledo has been deeply gratifying.”

Kengo, Brad and Kengo's father
Kengo poses with his father and the Casino owner.

Amanda said sharing in Kengo’s love for food and hospitality within the community has been the greatest honor, and she is particularly inspired watching how his culinary art touches the hearts and souls of customers. 

Kengo encourages sushi lovers and open minded first timers alike to come to Shobu and receive a warm “Irasshaimase,” or welcome, from himself and the staff. 

“I am grateful for the chance to collaborate with my partners at the casino and to be part of the vibrant food scene in Toledo,” Kengo said.

Shobu by Kengo is within the Hollywood Casino. Diners must  be 21 or older to enter the Casino. For more information, visit hollywoodcasinotoledo.com/dining/shobu-by-kengo or call 419-661-5200. 

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