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A Century of Good Taste The Mancys Celebrate 100 years

Mancy’s has been a leading name in restaurants in Toledo for a long time. The Mancy’s moniker has expanded over the years to various restaurants around the city. With the upcoming 100th anniversary of the opening of Mancy’s Steakhouse, here’s a run-down of the Mancy family history of Toledo area establishments celebrating a century of cuisine.

Mancy’s original owner and chef was Gus Manosakis, an immigrant from the Greek isle of Crete. After hearing stories in his youth about great prosperity in America, Gus moved from his home to Ohio in 1916, having his surname changed to Mancy on Ellis Island. He then spent years saving money from jobs at steel mills until he could start “The Ideal Restaurant”, which opened with his cousin Nicholas Graham on Phillips Road in 1921. Since then, Mancy’s family has helped change the culinary landscape of Toledo by adding a seafood restaurant, a barbeque joint, an Italian dining establishment and a wine bar. These restaurants demonstrate why Mancy’s has been in business for so long.

Mancy’s Steakhouse

Legend has it that the original location was open 24/7 for 25 years before Gus and Nicholas had to call a locksmith to make a key for the restaurant, since at least one of them was present at the restaurant the entire time. That same dedication remains evident today in the cuisine. This is a classic steakhouse born in Northwest Ohio. The current location on Phillips Ave at Sylvania Ave is next door to the original, lost in a fire in 1973, which did not deter the Mancy’s, who continue to serve incredible steakhouse selections today.

A second Mancy’s Steakhouse, inside the Hancock Hotel in Findlay, offers the same great steaks as the Toledo flagship restaurant.

Mancy’s Italian Grill

Monroe Street just east of Whiteford Rd is the location for Mancy’s Italian, a rustic Italian delight which has been a big hit since it opened in 1997, operated by third-generation restaurateur George Mancy. Like the original steakhouse, Mancy’s Italian takes pride in serving fresh ingredients and tradition. Classic Italian dishes are accompanied by an extensive wine selection,  recently expanded and enhanced with the addition of The Bottle Shop.  With many wines on offer, a club membership, and a knowledgeable staff, the Bottle Shop is a place to visit for wine lovers of any experience.

Shorty’s True American Roadhouse

On Monroe Street near Talmadge Rd., Shorty’s is a traditional BBQ joint started by Nick Mancy, with wood tables in the casual dining space overlooking an open kitchen. . Authentic open-pit barbecue and burgers (plus steaks, of course) are offered at this neighborhood-friendly establishment. With the success of the restaurant over 17 years, Nick expanded the business and he now offers catering services through Shorty’s Back 40, also on Monroe St.,  with the same great Shorty’s taste, but for larger audiences.

Bluewater Grille

On Dussel Drive, adjacent to Arrowhead Park in Maumee, The Bluewater Grille , a notable local seafood restaurant, was started by the third-generation’s John Mancy in 2005. With a more modern look, including dark woods and jewel tones , aesthetics which pair well with the fare, the fish is brought in daily from Boston and Honolulu fisheries to ensure freshness and quality. From salmon to clams, here is where you’ll find some of the best in Northwest Ohio. The restaurant also offers great sandwiches, soups, and, of course, steaks, but if you’re a seafood fan, wade into the Bluewater when you get the chance.

Mancy’s Ideal

The newest member of the family’s restaurants, Mancy’s Ideal actually shares it’s name with the second iteration of the steakhouse (named Mancy’s Ideal in 1964, before changing to Mancy’s Steakhouse after the ‘73 fire). Also on Monroe St. (at Nantucket), Ideal has the feel of a fancy bar you’d visit after a long day at the office. Drinks  include twists on Prohibition-era libations and, like other Mancy’s eateries, an extensive wine selection. You’re to the Mancy’s name,  there’s also great food, like BBQ mahi-mahi, a cross-restaurant collaboration with Shorty’s. Despite being the new kid on the block, Ideal brings the best parts of the Mancy’s Restaurant Group together.


One Hundred Years.  Quality. Customer-oriented. Always fresh and perfectly prepared. Thanks for treating the Toledo area so well. Here’s to the next hundred years!

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